Andrea Peterson

Patterns, portraits, and figures are frequently the focal
point within Andrea's surreal paintings, woven together as
an indescribable narrative. Considered an idiosyncratic surrealist, her work is constantly evolving within a broad stylistic spectrum. Her ethereal paintings and illustrations appeal to collectors all over and are featured in galleries in the U.S. and abroad.
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(custom commission)

Zodiac “Zodiac”

(custom commission)


Mona Lila “Mona Lila”

(36x36" oil on canvas)

Hummingbird “Hummingbird”

(12" x 9", oil on canvas)

Pegasus “Pegasus”

(30" x 40", oil on canvas)

All is Vanity “All is Vanity”

(24" x 12", oil on canvas)

Zebra Head “Zebra Head”

(8" x 8", oil on canvas)