Monika Gloviczki

Born in Warsaw, Poland, my first memories of art are related to the box of paints, I received on my 3rd birthday – a gift from my father, a professional painter and graphic artist. My first collections of paintings at age 6 were exhibited and published in Poland.
During the martial law in Poland - aimed at destroying the Solidarity Movement - I immigrated to Paris, France, where I spent most of my life. In Paris, I attended medical school, earned MD and PhD degrees, and worked in medical research. I continued to paint and followed the oil painting class of Herve Quenolle in the Ateliers du Carrousel du Louvre.
Some years ago I married a Mayo Clinic surgeon and moved to the US. After twenty-two years of a successful career in medicine, I have decided to devote myself completely to the world of colors. With my husband’s enthusiastic support I have launched my new professional life as a visual artist, working primarily with oil and acrylic painting.
I’m represented by Agora Gallery in New York (
Painting is the essence of my life, an unexplained necessity to express something that I feel or imagine. It is like a journey to the deeper layers of the self, under the everyday banalities. It is a silent music played by colors.

I had a wonderful experience during my many years of medical research, but my artistic genes have always been present. Whenever I could, I grabbed a pencil or a brush.

I’m often inspired by an image or vision of a painting, which evolves as I begin to work on the piece. I feel blessed by this gift of creativity, and I hope that through my paintings I share some of my joy and happiness.