Ulrich Wandelt

Ulrich Wandelt

Location: Austria

Ulrich Wandelt

....is a German artist living in Austria. Born in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. Member of the “Professional Association of Fine Artists Austria” since March 2021.

The fascination with painting led U. Wandelt to create his first work at the beginning of 2015. From then on he used every free time to continue his education and development in art and painting.

For the artist U. Wandelt, the universe is the center of his work, which in turn is closely connected to human dreams.

Cosmic mythology, in which fabulous beings find their existence in human thoughts, creates an infinite space in our beliefs, dreams and desires.

The artist always tries to create a balance between cosmos, myths and visions. Inspired by his own world of thought, in the interplay of colors, light and the unique use of iron filings, as an undiscovered medium that can be changed to rust in different ways with the help of oxidizing agents, the artist tries to captivate the viewer of his works. In addition, in certain areas he deliberately uses liquid colors in conjunction with original iron filings and iron slurry in such a way that they always create new compositions.

It must also be noted that the artist U. Wandelt is always looking for challenges that lie outside the current art scene and are sometimes described by art critics as avant-garde. The versatility of his work is demonstrated by older works that have their origins in the areas of cubism, geometry and mythology.

U. Wandelt prefers to work with acrylic paints from Lascaux with the highest pigmentation. Latest and future works are also created in oil colors.

Previous exhibitions in: Germany, Italy, Austria, USA.


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