Barbro (babba) Werke

Barbro (Babba) Werke

Location: Belgium

Nationality: Swedish
Living in Belgium since many years.
• Self-taught.
• Music, painting, design, theater, dance and all art-forms are vital for me.
• I've always been doing something connected to art.
• My first love was music and worked a lot in that art-form. 
• Visual art (or image-making) has been my priority for several years now but never went "public".
Only a while ago did I think that it was time to go "out there".
• For me, art is a connection (dialog) in between the art-piece and the onlooker. Not so keen on long explanations about the art-piece. The onlooker makes his/her own interpretation. Art is about expression of freedom.


Faces in the Street

Water puddles in the asphalt and whatever there is in the street make funny faces in the street.

The Professor “The Professor”

A desperate professor struggling to teach hopeless students.

The Author “The Author”

This guy is a Russian Author - probably a friend of Dostoyevsky or Puschkin.

La Patronne “La Patronne”

You don't mess with this lady. She knows everything best.

The Philosopher “The Philosopher”

A philosopher reflecting over human stupidity.

Le Français “Le Français”

Talking about stereotypes... This "Français" is much nicer than you think.