Melanie Zibit

“In the art of sculpture . . . it is left to the artist to make out of many things one thing, and from the smallest part of a thing an entirety.” Rainer Maria Rilke writing about Auguste Rodin, 1919
I am inspired by ancient and modern sculptors. I use marble and bronze, classical materials, and components of forms found in nature to create a modern statement. Leaving elements natural or forms unfinished invites the viewer to complete the form in their mind’s eye. I learned to carve in the marble workshops of Carrara, Italy. I have lived among artists in rural Eastport, Maine and NYC. Currently I carve at the Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center along with sculptors from all over New England. I give presentations at museums, schools, and universities, galleries, and arts festivals; have received commissions and exhibited in museums and galleries throughout New England and America. Won awards in 2014, 2015, 2023 from the NYC Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and the Best Abstract in Show Cape Cod Art Association 2015. My sculptures are in private collections.


Marble Sculptures

The Italians call marble the "tears of the gods". It is an elegant material to sculpt, as it allows expression from the most delicate to the monumental, highly polished to natural texture, allowing light to penetrate and emanate from its surface. I enjoy shaping such a hard material as marble into sensuous, flowing forms that suggest the human spirit. When I leave elements unfinished or the natural stone the viewer is invited to complete sculpture in their mind’s eye.

Moon Goddess “Moon Goddess”

"My intent was to create my sculpture so that light highlights the subtleties of forms and intensifies the contours and colors of the marble. The hole is a dramatic penetration, balancing negative space and the mass of the stone, opening up the sculpture to the viewer. I like my sculptures to be touched, walked around and viewed from different angles to have the full experience."

Dimensions are: 24"H x 13"W x 7"D
Made of Vermont Rutland Marble
Won Honorable Mention in the Concord Art Roddy Competition - 2015