Kevin Dodge

Born in South Miami and a third generation native, Kevin spent the last 20 years photographing the world of high fashion and other elegant subject matter. As an avid free diver and lifelong water-sports enthusiast, Kevin has now turned his lens underwater, capturing the beautiful, exciting – and at times dangerous – world that belongs to a vast collection of undersea creatures. Kevin’s new artwork invites the viewer to pause and take a moment to see the silent, yet thrilling, oceanic marvels that few rarely glimpse.

Kevin Dodge’s work has been featured in numerous international magazines and media. His creations are in the collections of Coca Cola, Ford, IBM, Dell, Budweiser, Hyatt Hotels, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson.

Kevin’s current oceanic art can be seen in a series of limited-edition prints he describes as Ocean Blue, celebrating the mysteries of our oceans and the beauty within this seemingly silent world.

“Creating this art has allowed me to capture the extraordinary moments when I encounter beautiful, yet wild, creatures and share these experiences with others.”

When Kevin is not shooting on location, he works from his studio in Delray Beach, Florida. His first love is spending time with his children and creating lasting memories. He is a staunch advocate for ocean conservation and hopes to share this desire for good stewardship with future generations.


Ocean Blue

Kevin’s current oceanic art can be seen in a series of limited-edition prints he describes as Ocean Blue, celebrating the mysteries of our oceans and the beauty within this seemingly silent world.

Ocean Beast “Ocean Beast”

While underwater and searching for that special shot, just a quick glance up revealed this extraordinary moment. All at once you have the ocean’s great beast being engulfed by the sun, the supreme energy source that sustains life as we know it and has provided the shark the environment to flourish for millions of years.

Dark Sword “Dark Sword”

It’s funny how things work out, because on this particular day, I thought it was best that we all just stay on land. The waters were extremely rough and it was exceptionally cloudy- less than desirable fishing conditions to say the least. It turns out, despite the odds, that this is one of my personal favorites. This sword was photographed right off of Islamorada, in the Florida Keys.

Line of Sight “Line of Sight”

Diving off the Florida Keys, I sighted this sword at the top of water and wanted to get closer. Just as I did, he turned and headed right towards me. Remembering my last sword attack I thought, “Not again!” Instead, it went right by my side. When you’re diving in their world, you are the uninvited guest. In every ocean shot, every fish is watching me intently – where I am…what I’m doing. Swords are scarier because you know they want to kill you. Yet I can’t help but love the intense concentration of this sword on me. All swords are mean, but this one was particularly frisky.

Night Sword “Night Sword”

I was fortunate enough to see the better side of this mighty swordfish and his beautiful and prominent profile. Then, I was even more pleased that I could to catch him just as the moonlight pierced through the water at just that right moment. It’s a dangerous thing-shooting in deep waters- and I admit that swimming in the ocean, at night, with 2000 feet of water beneath me; along with large Mako sharks who like to follow these swords up from the bottom, and that sure didn’t help matters either. This image portrays not only the mystical and mystery of these prehistoric looking creatures-but also their incredible commanding presence in their waters.

Sail Versus Man “Sail Versus Man”

It was another rough and overcast day. Maybe it was camera shy, but this sailfish ran me all over the place. As with most perfect shots, I was very fortunate to get in the right spot at the right time. I was very far from boat and swam back just in time to see this fish cross just under the water level with the boat in the background. It was very difficult to get the over under shot on that day because the rough seas made it much harder. I love the feeling of tension in this shot, seeing the line being ripped through the water creating bubbles. I also love the intense concentration from all the guys on the boat waiting to see what happens next. It is one of my favorite shots – because it’s a one of a kind moment that won’t be duplicated.

Serenity Above and Below “Serenity Above and Below”

As the plane flew to the southern Bahamas a beautiful shot with a starfish was envisioned. On the last day of the trip, which happened to be the most beautiful day yet, a magnificent starfish was spotted as a small boat headed to a remote location. It became clear that the earlier idea would now become reality and all that was needed was the proper location and as you can see this location could not be more perfect for such a majestic creature.

Bonefish Beauty “Bonefish Beauty”

Taken in the Bahamas – I waited so long in the water for this moment that I began to grow fins. This shot not only required a tremendous amount of patience, but the ability to be stealth dissolving into the surroundings. Bonefish are finicky, shy, and skittish fish.
My perseverance was rewarded when a large school passed me by as though I was invisible.
I love the angle of this shot where the
water’s surface becomes a mirrored affect.

Bones Down Under “Bones Down Under”

Bahamas - I love how this photo captures the intersection between our habitat, the land where we live and just under the surface shows a completely different
world with completely different creatures. Two worlds, so diverse but so close together.

Splashing Sail “Splashing Sail”

This is one of my favorite shots and at the same time was one of the hardest shots to get. This Sailfish was captured in the Gulf Stream off of South Florida in the spring. Sails are very difficult to shoot because they swim due South against the Gulf Stream current when hooked. Swimming against the current gives the Sail extra oxygen with the current flowing through his gills. This fish swam me all over the place and when I finally caught up with it
I was fortunate enough to catch him entering the water after a large jump. Notice how he is staring at me as soon as he hits the water.

Predator “Predator”

As a free diver encounters with sharks are not uncommon But photographing sharks where their numbers are numerous is quite different. When their numbers increase so does their activity. The most difficult part of capturing this image was getting this shark by itself. The only way this could be done was to swim outside of a cage Which allowed the freedom of movement to find the perfect spot.

Ocean Family “Ocean Family”

While passing through the Eastern Bahamas, we were delighted to stumble upon this beautiful school of porpoise. They were the friendliest family of porpoise I have ever seen in the wild. These brilliant animals are powerful, smart, curious, and quite frankly...almost human. This shot was not planned, yet it ended up being one of the most pleasant and welcomed surprises.

Dancing Sail “Dancing Sail”

Shot off Miami Fl., it was another rough and overcast day. There was also very strange lighting with the clouds and the golden tint from the sun. As I was trying to get close to this sail, I noticed he was getting ready to jump. I rushed to the surface just in time to capture this magnificent poetic jump.