Michael Lam

Michael Lam moved from the East to New York City over 20 years ago, where he began to develop his own style around calligraphy and Single Stroke Painting. Drawing on a strong background in calligraphy (which Lam first learned at the age of 7), he began to create pieces that were abstract expressionistic in nature yet highlighted by strong figurative elements.

In the art world, Lam is considered a master of Single Stroke Painting, a technique in which an entire painting is created in a single brush stroke. To be successfully executed, this type of painting requires mastery of paper, ink, brush, and the pressure with which the ink is applied, much like musical instruments must be calibrated and synchronized to create an orchestral work. Even when Lam is not painting using this technique, its influence is noteworthy in his work, as compositional harmony and rhythm are centerpieces of his unique artistic style.

No matter the modality used, at the heart of Lam’s paintings is a deep dedication to the emotional elements of his subject. His strong use of line works to guide the viewer’s eye and to reveal the multiple messages contained within the simplest of images. In Lam’s work, again and again line, form, color, and brushstroke all converge to imbue each image with a deep sense of meaning and emotional connection.

Lam has received awards and recognition for his work in NYC and Florence, and recently used his work to support the Aeiou Foundation for children. His watercolor paintings are represented by Agora Gallery, New York City.

Columbia University
New York Public Library
Pan-Pacific and South East Asia Women’s Association of the USA
Tenri Cultural Institute of New York
Blick Art Materials
Private collections

Blick Art Show NYC 2014 First Prize

Group Exhibition
The Substance of Abstraction, Agora Gallery NYC 2015
Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular, Australia 2014

Solo Exhibition
Kiteya in Soho, New York 2014

More information, please visit www.michaellamny.com


God Lady

Acrylic ink on paper. 24" x 18". Created in 2013.

The moment “The moment”

Lam is a master of Single Stroke Painting. Unlike traditional paintings, artist cannot repaint, add, or subtract paint to perfect particular parts of the painting. Single Stroke Painting requires mastering a number of variables such as the properties of paper, ink and brush, and the pressure applied in one swift motion. Many precise and calculations have to be made when creating a successful Single Stroke Painting. Similar to an orchestra, each note and instrument is utilized at the right moment to achieve beautiful harmonious music.