Siclari Francesco

Siclari Francesco

Location: Italy

Siclari Francesco (1940) Italy.
Siclari Francesco was born in 1940 in Campo Calabro (RC).
You can tell that he had the gift of painting since childhood.
He is a self-taught.
His family moved north to the outskirts of Turin in 1952.
He currently lives in Brandizzo (TO).

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He had 55 solo exhibitions in Italy (Torino, Genova, Loano, Cantu, Trento, Bormio, Mirandola, Gallarate, Bagnolo Piemonte, Procchio, Milano Avigliana, Piacenza, Brandizzo,Cremona Ospedaletti,Saluzzo,Udine.Stefano Belbo.Roma) and abroad (Lausanne, Ginevra,Gland, Montecarlo,
Barcellona,Paris, New York, Berlino)
and 51 group exhibitions.
Winner of 42 painting competitions.
His works are in numerous public and private collections around the world.
His name appears on the “Enciclopedia dell’ Arte Italiana”
Nominated Academic of Italy with a gold medal in 1979


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