Catherine Fitz-gerald

Catherine Fitz-Gerald

Location: Australia

Catherine Fitz-Gerald is a prominent Adelaide artist recognised for her masterful skills in handling luminous colour and light. Fitz-Gerald’s works reflect on the inherent beauty of nature, in particular the many fruits available throughout the seasons, and are a visual celebration of abundance and joy.
Also an award winning abstract artist, Catherine has participated in a wide variety of group shows and held many solo exhibitions to great success. Her work can be found in private collections in Europe, Asia, USA and throughout Australia.


Icon Series

These works form part of my ongoing Icon series where, balanced on improbable objects, fruit becomes more than just something to eat or waste. A symbol, re-evaluated, iconic, encouraging us to view nature as greater than only a human resource.

'Xigua' “'Xigua'”

Begun during my artist’s residency at the Adelaide Central Market in 2017 and completed this year ‘Xigua’ connects two well-loved city institutions Chinatown and the markets. 'Xigua' is Chinese for watermelon.

Oil on canvas 101 x 81cm

Icon, Quince “Icon, Quince”

Oil on canvas, 122 x 80cm

A Balanced Diet - fig “A Balanced Diet - fig”

Oil on canvas 90 x 75cm

A Balanced Diet - chilli “A Balanced Diet - chilli”

Oil on Board, 25 x 20cm