Alphonse Lane

Born Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1961. Studied at the University of Pennsylvania / BFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, CFA, MFA.



Five images, the first three are photos in the 8" X 10" Ratio and the last two are paintings. 1. the Great Fallen Bosc 50"w X 40"h 2. Daphne 40" X 40"

White Rose, Photograph “White Rose, Photograph ”

Photographic image, White Rose in a Vessel

Yellow Flower,  Photograph “Yellow Flower, Photograph ”

Yellow Flower in a vessel 10" X 8" Ratio

The Fallen Bosc, Oil Painting  “The Fallen Bosc, Oil Painting ”

Painting, 50"w X 40"h Oil on Linen mounted on Baltic Birch Panel

Daphne / Oil Painting “Daphne / Oil Painting”

Oil on Linen mounted on Baltic Birch Panel 40" X 40"