Nahoko Komatsu O

Nahoko Komatsu O

Location: Japan

I am a contemporary painting artist based in Japan and UK.
I use painting to express my emotions and thoughts on various important topics, including current affairs, women's rights, peace, human anatomy, and Japanese culture. Through my projects and artwork, I aim to prompt viewers to question the world around them and to make a positive impact on their thoughts and emotions.
Creating and analyzing art is an intricate and mysterious journey, and the sense of satisfaction I derive from unravelling its secrets drives my artistic pursuits. I want to share this excitement and wonder with my viewers, encouraging them to explore the meaning and messages behind my work.


Rebirth-Resonance-Love, (2023)

Oil and Urushi on Canvas woody board
H260 mm W450 mm D 10mm

“This promise of love might bloom when we next meet like a bud matured into a flower under the heat of summer. Good night, good night! May you be as content and glad at heart as I am!”

Love is blind. A delicate pink hue, time with your beloved is blissful, just being able to share your presence with your faces close together is a gift. A pale light blue shade is love. Its heart is a radiant light blue. The sparkling time is depicted as a stream in the centre with silver foil. Love is full of hope. In the gentle sea of love that will endure forever.

Rebirth ~Resonance -Time

Rebirth -Resonance-Time “Rebirth -Resonance-Time”

West Side Story.

A tale of forbidden love. In a world that denies our union. We treasure our moments together. Precious moments on this planet. They link us to infinity. Your time is this present moment that you inhabit. Live with gratitude and mindfulness for each instant of the now. This is the theme I explored in my work.

Oil and Urushi on Canvas woody board 2023
H210mm 765mm D10 mm