Jeremy Abelson

Born in 1972 in the vibrant city of Charlotte, North Carolina, Jeremy Abelson's artistic journey commenced with an innate passion for artistry. His academic pursuit led him to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he nurtured his artistic talents and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, setting the stage for his illustrious career.

### A Fusion of Moments in Time
Jeremy Abelson is an artist who captivates singular moments, inviting collectors to immerse themselves in the present. His art transcends boundaries, showcasing adept mastery of techniques and meticulous attention to aesthetics. Grounded in Charlotte, Jeremy navigates diverse artistic domains, exploring the allure of pastel's vivid colors as an immediate medium.

### An Artistic Odyssey
Unfettered by the endpoint of a painting, Jeremy revels in the very act of creation. His passion emanates from the process itself—selecting and blending colors, embracing the opulence of oil, the fluidity of watercolor, and the textured strokes of pastel. For Jeremy, art is a tapestry of sensations and experiences, each stroke a manifestation of creative expression.

### Embracing Risk in Artistry
Jeremy Abelson's philosophy underscores the pursuit of excellence through risk-taking and acknowledgment of both failures and triumphs. He believes that embracing risks fosters growth, allowing artists to unearth their potential. Jeremy's ethos revolves around the journey, where acknowledging achievements and setbacks propel one towards artistic heights.

Jeremy Abelson's artistic voyage embodies the essence of living in the moment, embracing the nuances of color and texture to craft evocative art. Through his creative odyssey, Jeremy inspires others to perceive art not merely as an outcome but as a journey of unending discovery.


Jeremy Abelson

Jeremy Abelson was born in 1972 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Passionate about art from a young age, Jeremy enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, from where he received his BFA in Fine Art.

Jeremy is an artist who captures individual moments in time to help collectors emerge and evolve in the now! His work moves between different fields, but always showing a great mastery of the technique and a very careful aesthetic. Passionate about his work, this Charlotte -based artist particularly likes the rich color in pastel and finds it a wonderful immediate medium to work with in the field.

Dark “Dark”

Jeremy Abelson's "Dark" evokes an enigmatic journey through shadow and light, inviting viewers into an abyss of intriguing depths. In this piece, darkness becomes an art form, exploring the interplay of mystery and allure. Through deft strokes and a nuanced palette, Abelson masterfully weaves an intricate tapestry of obscurity and subtlety. "Dark" is an exploration of the uncharted territories within the human psyche, a visual narrative that beckons the viewer to traverse the intricate realms of the unknown.

Forest “Forest”

Jeremy Abelson's "Forest" breathes life into a vivid tapestry of nature's embrace. In this captivating artwork, strokes of color coalesce to form a lush, verdant landscape, each hue harmonizing to depict the tranquility and vibrancy of the woodland realm. Through meticulous details and a nuanced palette, Abelson transports the observer into a serene sanctuary, where the play of light and shadow among towering trees whispers secrets of ancient wisdom. "Forest" is an immersive journey into the heart of nature, capturing the essence of serene beauty and inviting contemplation of the interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world.

Game of Colors “Game of Colors”

Jeremy Abelson's "Game of Colors" is a captivating spectacle that orchestrates a symphony of vibrant hues. With bold strokes and an interplay of contrasting shades, this artwork choreographs a mesmerizing dance of colors across the canvas. Like players on a vivid stage, each hue contends for attention, creating an energetic narrative that tantalizes the senses. Abelson's mastery lies in the harmonious chaos—a balance between the vivid and the subdued, the fiery and the cool—creating a captivating visual melody that invites viewers into a realm of dynamic and ever-shifting emotions. "Game of Colors" is an invitation to explore the limitless boundaries of the chromatic spectrum and revel in the kaleidoscope of emotions it evokes.

Lake “Lake”

In Jeremy Abelson's portrayal of "Lake," nature becomes a serene protagonist on canvas. The artwork captures the essence of tranquility and reflection, inviting viewers into a serene landscape. The calm, glassy surface of the water mirrors the surrounding beauty—a verdant forest, an endless sky, or perhaps the fleeting touch of a setting sun. Abelson's strokes delicately portray the interplay of light and shadow, orchestrating a visual symphony that embodies the tranquil allure of a pristine lake. With a serene color palette and meticulous detailing, "Lake" invites one to embrace the peacefulness and serenity that nature graciously offers.

Sunset “Sunset”

In Jeremy Abelson's depiction of "Sunset," the canvas ignites with the fiery hues of a fading day. The artwork captures the poetic transition between day and night, where the sun's descent casts a vibrant kaleidoscope across the sky. Blends of rich oranges, soft purples, and vivid pinks dance harmoniously, painting a canvas that exudes the warmth and allure of a twilight sky. Abelson's strokes masterfully blend light and shadow, creating a mesmerizing interplay that captures the fleeting beauty of a setting sun. "Sunset" encapsulates the tranquil yet dramatic spectacle of nature's daily farewell, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the ephemeral splendor of this celestial transition.