Tass Sylvia

Tass Sylvia

Location: Hungary

My works are primarily from live models. I truly enjoy portrait and figure paintings. I studied art at the Yard School of Art at the Montclair Art Museum, Rockland County College and County College of Morris. My teachers include well-known pastels and portrait artists. My raw models are the impressionists, although it is not my painting style. I love their colors and brushstrokes; admire Van Gogh’s yellows and blues, Degas’ ballerinas and Renoir’s couples and the girls playing piano. Working in a realistic style, my favorite objects are dancers, music players and cozy rooms. Using a variety of mediums on my canvases or papers, I want to document a movement or emotion to create joy and warmth for anyone who loves art.




Hunter “Hunter”

Model from Montclair museum's painting class

tangerines “tangerines”

Just love the color orange, pups out with blue and green background

Anthony “Anthony”

Model from Montclair museum

Onion peeler “Onion peeler”

Model from Montclair museum

Read Room “Read Room”

Visiting hotels in Paris the Matisse painting on the walls cut my eye. I wanted to create the mood of the lights, the large mirror and the painting