Location: Poland

Zbigniew Bury – he was born in 1966 in Wadowice. He lives and creates in Roczyny (Poland). He specializes in painting, sculpture and ceramics. His favourite techniques are oil paint and akryl. He is recognizable because of the subjects of his pictures and individual art’s language – gradually hesimplities forms. In His projects he often take up social and political subjects: the war in Czeczenia, communism in Europe, the issue of freedom in postcommunistic countries. By using simple forms he refers to primitive basic art, which is so important, to talk about elementary notions. His last project „Above the grave” is composed by ceramics colourfull tiles which are arranged in equal rows. Since 2008 he started to create also as Alex Johanson, it is his nickname.

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Ceramic sculptures

handmaded, ceramic sculptures, signed Alex Johanson

Ceramics “Ceramics”

ceramic sculptures, made in 2023, handicraft, signed Alex Johanson, dim. 52 x 33 x 20 cm

Men in love “Men in love”

ceramic sculptures, made in 2023, handicraft, signed Alex Johanson

Wooden sculptures

wooden sculptures, made since 2010, handicraft, saw, signed Zbigniew Bury or Alex Johanson

The boy with a nativity scene “The boy with a nativity scene”

wooden sculpture, willow, art, 138 x 47 x 46, 2021

Death “Death”

From the "Carrolers " cycle, wooden sculpture, willow, 130 x 106 x 80 cm, 2019