Antonia De Ridder

Hello, I,m Antonia de Ridder from the Netherlands and I love nature, so most of my paintings are landscapes, I often use mixedmedea in my paintings.Do you want to see more of my work go to my Thank you.


Landscapes in beautiful colors

Paintings in acryl, mixedmedia, they all come from my memory,s of beautiful landscapes.

Reflection “Reflection”

90 x 130 x 4 (cm)

1295 Eur

Red Eveninglight “Red Eveninglight”

80 x 110 x 4 (cm)

995 Eur

Global warming “Global warming”

70 x 100 x 4 (cm)

795 Eur

Purple Rain “Purple Rain”

80 x 110 x 4 (cm)

995 Eur

Morningglow “Morningglow”

Beautiful colors in the morning.

80 x 110 x 4 (cm)

950 Euro