Lynn Jaanz

Lynn Jaanz

Location: Australia

Lynn Jaanz was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1957, but immigrated to Australia as an infant. She regularly exhibits around the world including Australia, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, USA and London, and has sold her works internationally for over two decades.

Behind the joy of painting, Lynn Jaanz spent years battling a chronic illness. Art became a big part of her healing process as doctors instructed her to use painting as a form of recovery. Her illness and miraculous recovery drew her to the world of the supernatural.

Today, her work reflects the way she sees life with all of its colour and beauty. From rich warm hues to soothing cool tones, Lynn Jaanz searches the unknown phenomenon and psychic of the human condition, and explores the complexities of living, through her unique and fresh approach to abstract. Lynn Jaanz taps into a truly unique style of curves, with the use of colour in erratic, busy, tumultuous ways. Through fine lines and outlines of curves, Lynn Jaanz is celebrated for her search of higher power in all its glory.

The concept within Lynn Jaanz’s work, strongly reflects the connection between the human condition and the supernatural or spiritual. The overriding theme is of man being lost in the insanity of life, only to find redemption and salvation. As Lynn Jaanz describes it, “Man is searching for meaning, searching for hope, searching for love, searching for significance in his perpetual state of confusion”. Lynn Jaanz’s art gives hope and rejoices the light amongst the darkness.

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Latest Artwork

A small selection of my latest artwork. For full details, check out my website at

New Season “New Season”

80cm x 100cm

After a period of prolonged struggle, the new season emerges. The season is one of overflow and victory.
The colours reflect the joy and euphoric feelings the new season brings.

Freedom Cry “Freedom Cry”

122cm x 122cm

As the waves crash in, you can see life goes under, but can be resurrected with hope and power as we all acknowledge the gift we have been given.
The waves of destruction come, yet there is hope as the people cry out in one voice, “Freedom, Freedom”. This painting explores the theme of people all over the world looking for a redeemer and saviour to free them from the shackles and chains of oppression.

Stairway to Heaven “Stairway to Heaven”

59.9cm x 84cm

Man’s search for meaning is depicted in this painting. We look for answers to the mystery of eternity, and the stairway represents hope and a final destination.

Beyond the Veil “Beyond the Veil”

91cm x 101cm

Beyond the Veil depicts a journey from oppression, struggle and sickness to self-discovery, joy, victory and peace.
The eyes are the most striking focal point of this painting, as it mirrors a soul that cannot be held back or caged in. The eyes are full of fire, determined and fierce.
I would like to dedicate this painting to every human in the world fighting for freedom, meaning and self-worth. Let my triumph be your triumph, my victory your victory.
Beyond the Veil reminds us that every human being is endowed with the seeds of greatness and unlimited potential.
All of us are fighting to come out from a “veil” we are not aware of. The struggle of every human is to emerge “beyond the veil”.

Glory Path “Glory Path”

90.5cm x 139cm

‘Glory Path’ is a journey many will take. On the left is the glory chamber. The eye represents angels watching over us. The gardens, waterfalls and trees are all representing the majesty and splendour.
The painting depicts what I experienced during my near-death experience which lead to the writing of my book, ‘A Journey from Heaven to Healing’.

Ripe “Ripe”

60.8cm x 60.8cm

The painting represents the fulfillment of destiny and purpose.
It is the colour of maturity and final readiness.