Zidonja Ganert

zidonja Ganert

Location: Canada

I am a self-taught artist who has studied from professional
artists from DVD's TV programs and painting workshops where ever I could .find them.
I learned how to mix colours and picked up technical traing I needed to produce work in a few different media -Oil ,Acrylics Watercolour,and pastels.
I supported my self by operating a hair Salon
as a stylist I enjoyed using my artistic talents to create hair styles for my clients.
My other passion is tap dancing.
love to paint .When I start I ferget time andI am in a world of my own


Oil acrylics and pastels

They are original paintings ,photographs are all taken by me

Mt. Selesse “Mt. Selesse”

A Mountain where a plane crashed, we can see it each day,very beautiful

refracterd light “refracterd light”

Sunlight refractionof light from acrystal from my chandelier

Winter Dream “Winter Dream”

Acrylic taken in Chilliwack ,at the end of March

Britany “Britany”

Pastel think she is very beautiful niece, and a very smart

At the beach “At the beach”

Watercolour taken at Harrison Lake