Maev Marchini

Maev Marchini

Location: Canada


An artist situated by copper and glass materials, the medium (varnishes) and her technic, among the ‘’Contemporary Trans-Realist’’ painters (name created to define her style) from which the combination of subconscious and nearly unreal images merge with the transparencies of colors.
Often strength and the magic of dreaming incite’s an escape.
Artist beyond tradition, reproducing images of the spirit and its inner garden.
Magical colors, new support and technique. Creations of pure imagination. Painter exhibiting internationally; New York, Milan, Florence, Paris, Geneva, Montreal.
Maev does not hesitate to counsel in arts and design, in large scale projects where she is asked to participate such as in Outaouais, and soon in the Bahamas.

Varnish Colors on copper

For 25 years now I have chosen to express myself on copper plates with colored varnishes and other materials.
Copper’s warmth in combination with the transparency of the varnishes gives an incomparable radiance.
The characters in the paintings are stylized and emphasized in an abstract space. This composition gives to the whole, a different look which brings you in a timeless space.
The goal of these works is to let the gaze go into timeless space. These tables are made to dream, to escape and imagine other worlds elsewhere.
The spheres give movement and femininity, where men and women emanate sensuality.

SCULPTURE- Woodcarving

Sculpting is a way for me to revive those who illuminate our lives. I take delight in reviving trees that the wind or lightning has brought down. I allow them to be reborn again for many centuries.
These sculptures embellish spaces and leave a lasting trace of these species that are often endangered.
Trees talk to us, they express in their forms, life, their lives.



My life course minglesis a mix of pictorial and musical art which are two inseparate disciplines for me, wich give me since my childhood wonder and happiness.
In my life everything has a relationship and my creativite progressions are linked with difficult times that conducted me to isolate myself from ugliness and to reach beauty, as if to erase erase the contours all way to the bottom of my soul. This is MY SOUL.

Symphonie “Symphonie”

vernis couleurs sur mica

Et si le Monde était une Femme

Parfums de Femmes “Parfums de Femmes”

Vernis couleurs sur cuivre-
Varnish color on copper

Senteurs d'Orient “Senteurs d'Orient”

Vernis couleurs sur cuivre
Varnish color on copper

La Femme Oiseau- The Woman Bird “La Femme Oiseau- The Woman Bird”

Vernis couleurs sur cuivre
Varnish color on copper

Émotions “Émotions”

Varnish color on copper
vernis couleurs sur cuivre-

Duo “Duo”

Vernis couleurs sur cuivre
Varnish color on copper


vernis couleurs sur cuivre
Varnish color on copper