Location: Serbia

I am 65 years old pensioned in Germany as a mode designer.

I come from Sabac and live there now my hobby is painting
but I have never visited a art school.

I had much experience with art exhibitions.

I had art exhibitions in London, Chelsea, Miami, Paris, Quebeck (Canada), Hungary and next year 07. 09. 2016 I have a art exhibitions in Manhattan New York city.

I received Award´s from different countries but I am very proud at my Award from Serbia.

My main site is where all my arts are mentioned


My Arts

These are my favourite arts.
I tried every art to be unique and something special so I changed mostly the techniques.
My inspirations comes from the nature and I combined several elements from nature and past them on my arts as an example I used sand and stones in "Planinski Krs".

Suvo stablo “Suvo stablo”

combinated technique: oil and crusts of a tree on desk

39cm * 58cm created with spatula

Uzareno nebo “Uzareno nebo”

technique: oil on flax

58 * 44 created with spatula

Sumska reka “Sumska reka”

technique: oil on flax

59 * 48 created with spatula

Prolecno otapanje snega “Prolecno otapanje snega”

combinated technique: oil and sand on flax

67 * 47 created with spatula

Jorgovani “Jorgovani”

technique: oil on flax

49 * 39 created with spatula

Planinski Krs “Planinski Krs”

combinated technique: oil and sand on flax

70 * 54 created with spatula

Glade “Glade”

Oil on canvas 45x60

Abstraction “Abstraction”

Oil on cardboard