Ann Nyberg

Ann Nyberg

Location: Sweden

National and International studio artist. I exhibit on a regular basis. I work with Fiber Art and drawing in a combination of touch, watercolour-crayon and acryllic.

I am inspired of abstract expressionism, fashion and music.
Most of the time I follow nature and that results in direct expressions from the subconsious complexe world.
Dreams has become a world I have been interested in for over 30 years.

I was educated in painting, model-drawing, sculpture, weaving, form and art-embrodery.
Drawing with crayon has followed me since childhood. Everythng I create is a fusion between crayon and other materials / technics.
I do public and private decorations.

Owner of Anns Art Factory.

Member of the Swedish National Artist Organisation.
ART-Centrum middle of Sweden
Nordic Textile Art

Mobil: +46 (0)76 840 7829


Anns Art Factory

My portfolio will include pictures of fiber art, drawings and paintings.

A day in life “A day in life”

Size : 160cm x 150cm
Technics: Linen warp.
For filling: Wool, linen,silk and cotton in a mixture of traditional weaving technics and art embrodery.

This peace of Fiber Art participates in Fiber Art International 2013. A juried international fiber Art exhibition.The exhibition started at Pittsburgh Center of the Arts, in april 2013 and will travel in USA for two years. I participate with two peaces and it is the second time I am invited.

Planting a garden in the wild “Planting a garden in the wild”

Size: 50cm x 70 cm
Technics: Touch, watercolour crayon and acryllic on acryllic paper .

Ragdolls “Ragdolls”

Size: 50cmx70 cm

Touch drawing on acryllic paper. Filling: waterclour crayon and acryllic colour.

Androgyn “Androgyn”

Size :41x 35cm
Touch drawing on acryllic paper. Filing: watercolour crayon and acryllic colour.

Mummies girls “Mummies girls”

Akryllic painting on acryllic paper.
Size:36 cm x 47 cm

Mummies girls 2 “Mummies girls 2”

Size: 36cm x47 cm
Acryllic painting on acryllic paper

Emotional Resque team “Emotional Resque team”

Size 50 x70 cm
Teqnichs: Tousch drawing, acryllic and watercolour crayons.

The serious game “The serious game”

Touch and pen drawing. Size: 32x 41 cm.

Nr 2 “Nr 2”

Touch and pen drawing. Size 32 x 41 cm

Anns Art Factory

Ann Nyberg Swedish Fiber artist,also draw and paint. Owner of Anns Art factory. Been working picture making for over 30 years.Member of Swedish National Artist organisation, Swedish House of Artists Stockholm etc. Homepage

I am showing art internationally and nationally. Represented in Sweden and abroad.