James Agesen

James Agesen

Location: Canada

James Agesen is a award winning and published aspiring London Ontario Canadian artist who has proudly served his country like many others have. His medium is abstract watercolours on canvas. James paintings are a reflection of, and expression of, personal turmoil related to past interactions and experiences. He hopes that each of his paintings tells/shows a story that invokes emotion in his audience.

James continues his education as a student of the world famous London Ontario , Artist "Steve Tracy" and is presently enrolled in a accredited art therapy program.

His community service work includes starting the Veterans Art Initiative "Recovery Through The Arts" for Emergency Workers and Military Personnel in the city of London Ontario Canada


James has always welcomes the opportunity to do freelance and commission work.

Professional Testimonial;

"James work right away reminded me of the artistic expression of Van Gogh.

The gripping emotional extraction created by viewing his work....There is a natural narrative that emerges in his work while reading it.

There are not many artist that can do this so successfully painting after painting. I believe we are witnessing the emergence of artistic genius and feel his paintings will be passionately collected."

Steve Tracy Artist / Instructor London Ontario Canada
website https://www.stevetracyart.com/

Professional Testimonial;

"James's work has an unaffected spontaneity that makes it almost childlike, drawing the viewer into a world that is at times anything but innocent. There is war, seen through the eyes of the combat soldier.

There is the soldier - anonymous in uniform - seen through the eyes of the civilian. There is the everyday life of ordinary people, each with their own visible and invisible scars.

There are moments of courage, despair, beauty and hope, all expressed with a raw honesty that is at once charming, unsettling and undeniably powerful."

Nicole Laidler London Ontario Canada

Spilled Ink Writing & Wordsmithing
Story-based Copywriter, Freelance Journalist, and Word Strategist
Website: https://www.spilledink.ca
Member, Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ)
Member, American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI)


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