Frida B

Frida B

Location: Austria

Born 1965 in Austria
I live and work in Vienna
statement for my work:
Destiny and life sometimes is not easy to understand - but: never give up thinking and acting in a positive way - life and destiny are sometimes a great exam - but in the end you are the winner when you feel always love in your heart. Although if you think sometimes it is almost impossible - nothing is impossible if you really want it, feel it in your heart and in your belly, when you keep on acting with an attitude of passion.

art classes with:
• Ona B.
• Susanne Kos
• Alfred Hansl

Alegria Art Gallery
Port de Sóller, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain


Inside as outside - I shine from what I feel.
Painting gives me the possibility - I am grateful for it.
with love, Frida B.


move on

Mixed Media on Canvas
80Hx120Wx1 cm

through your eyes “through your eyes ”

Mixed Media - Collage
60Hx80Wx1 cm

Getaway to Skyfall! “Getaway to Skyfall!”

Mixed Media on Canvas
80Hx80Wx1 cm