Jemina Vita

My name is Jemina Vita (b. in Jackson Heights, Queens) and I am a mixed media artist/designer working with textiles, fabric, wire, sound and more. After being a member at the Art Student’s League for several years then receiving a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2017, I currently reside/work in a studio in Long Island City, New York.
I upcycle textiles, fibrous and non-fiber materials, and other various objects to create artwork and Artwear that symbolize our need for protection by providing a space for empowerment.  These timeless and grounding styles activate themes of the past, present, and future while celebrating identity, survival and resilience. They represent an ephemeral armor that protects us while we wander toward an era of ever-accelerating technological advancement and uncertain futures. I am also concerned with the ever accelerating digital age and its equivocal effects it has on relationships and connection.


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