Location: Italy

Born in the south of Italy, RAMI – Mirella Luigia Raganato has displayed a remarkable talent for drawing and painting since her childhood. In 2007 she ventures into sculpture and in 2009 she delved into iconography at Pulsano Abbey, an ancient Apulian Monastery. 

She has taken part in several art exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, earning various awards, including: “Master of Arts Certificate”, 2012; “Academic Diploma of Doctor of Arts – Honoris Causa”, Santa Sara Academy in Alessandria, 2015; “Premio della Giuria e della Critica”, Piacenza, 2016; "Michelangelo International PRIZE", Rome, 2019; “Certificate of Excellence”, a monthly competition on the Circle Arts online platform, June 2022; “Winner Certificate”, the 59th Artavita Online Art Contest, July 2023; publications on the 13th issue of “ World Wide Art Magazine”, Santa Barbara CA/US, https://wwab.us/wwa-magazine-13 and on the 10th issue of “Circle Foundation for the Arts Magazine”, https://circle-arts.com/circle_quarterly_10/, Lyon, France in 2023.

Some sculptures can be found in catalogues published by EA Editore, Palermo, including: "Annuario di Scultura Contemporanea" edited by Paolo Levi; Annuario d'Arte Contemporanea "Artisti" edited by V. Sgarbi, 2014; "Eccellenze": Sguardi sulla Scultura Contemporanea edited by P. Levi, S. Bison, S. Russo, S. Serradifalco, 2015; “Biennale Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea”, edited by Paolo Levi and Sandro Serradifalco, Mantova, 2017.