Jack Chechik

Jack Chechik

Location: Canada

Awarded Honorary Mention Certificate at 2015 Chelsea International Art Competition at Agora Gallery, New York for digital abstract artwork.

Purchase my artwork: https://www.curioos.com/jackchechik

Professionally trained in architecture at McGill University… graduated in 1986 with 20 years of experience; specialist in eco-residential design using polyhedral-based geometries; currently being developed and marketed for global application.

Creator of Hedradesic [modular] Garden Housing ©, approved by international structural engineer. In process of further development, many unit variations, implementing solar energy systems and garden options.

Creator of Arkium Garden Housing © multi-unit variations being finalized for modular home builders.

Creator of intellectual property for multi-platform science fiction project, called Arketroids, Work includes author of Arketroids full-length screenplay for animated special-effects film that can be adapted to digital web series, TV / film and video games. Project work includes design and concept development creator of modular space city building set that can be integrated with software application. Phase-1 prototype built. This space-toy project is based on my concept for unique, futuristic space cities called Space Island Arkolonies and is converges with Arketroids sci-fi and also convergent with potential social-interactive World, called the Arketroids Internet Colony.

Part of Equatorial Low Earth Orbit Group (ELEO) Group in 2015, headed by Al Globus as part of National Space Society (NSS) concept development of orbiting space settlements… affiliate of NASA. Concept architect for internal space within contemplated, orbital space settlement.. Our Group modelled / animated this space city and then analyzed its potential viability as a community in space.

Concept developer of virtual space city orbiting virtual Earth, called Arco-Centauri… where Arco-Centauri is similar to Kalpana-1 except massively larger opening doors for extensive internal virtual architecture, parks, lakes. Concept developer of the Arco-Centauri Online Community (A.O.C.) employing Arco-Centauri as thematic interactive context. This project is being developed as an interactive simulation that is intended to serve as stepping stone towards the inevitable [actual] colonization of humanity in space.

Partnership currently in process of being established between Jack Chechik and Tetravol where Tetravol is an architectural firm specializing in VR application to architecture located in Barcelona, headed by Hector Zapata.

Previous employment in a number of architecture firms, including world renowned Moshe Safdie and Associates for post-Habitat projects.

Construction drawing specialist in low density housing for John Bobaljik Architect in late 1980’s / early 1990’s.

During his student years Jack was a building model-maker for renounced Lepine Group under Desmarais Torney Pilon Architects for Le Sanctuaire du Mont-Royal Project in Outremont, Quebec, Canada.

Self-educated in fine arts; current concentration in digital abstract painting; focused on creating vibrant digital paintings, depicting my own insight into the aquatic universe… where the undersea world converges geometrically at hyper-points with horizon lines and celestial objects. My abstract work is intended to enhance private, domestic, public interior spaces, commercial and institutional environments.