Alisha Anglin

A native New Yorker and self-taught abstract artist, Alisha spends most of her time in Phoenix, Arizona, affectionately known as The Valley of the Sun.

Dabbling with painting at the early age of 10, art is a passion for Alisha. Her bold abstract compositions are created in expressionist, cubist, and gestural styles while using prismatic and electrifying colors. Using acrylics on canvas, Alisha is as expressive as she is imaginative, painting ever so intuitively.

Her extensive portfolio has been published in Voyage Phoenix Magazine, North Central News, Shoutout Arizona, and Canvas Rebel, as well as displayed in countless exhibitions. In January 2023, she partnered with Amazon Fire TV for a contract to include ten pieces of her creative work to be used as screensaver images on Amazon Fire TVs worldwide. In 2019, she was invited to partner with as one of the first female artists to produce home d├ęcor. Most recently, she has been exploring Web3 and the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), promoting her work to collectors worldwide on OpenSea, Exchange.Art, Objkt, and Known Origin NFT platforms.

"My goal is to bring more art and happiness into this chaotic world" -Alisha Anglin