Location: Armenia

Nazik Aslanyan
3.Aigedzor str., Yerevan 0019,Armenia
1989-1991 Graduated from National Esthetic Center
1994-1999 Graduated from Yerevan State Art Academy
1993- Group exhibition at Armenian diaspora hall, London
1997- Group exhibition at Indian association hall, London
1998- Group exhibition at AOKS hall, Yerevan
2000- Solo exhibition at Ministry of Culture exhibition hall, Yerevan
2001- Solo exhibition at Armenian diaspora hall, Washington
2001- Solo exhibition at Armenian Cultural Center, Boston
2002- Group exhibition at Journalist’s House, Yerevan
2003- Group exhibition at Moscow gallery , Yerevan
2009- Group exhibition at Artists Union Hall , Yerevan
2009- Solo exhibition at “Academia” gallery, Yerevan
2010- Group exhibition at Armenian Diaspora halls, Canada
2010-Group exhibition at “Lessedra” gallery, Sofia
2011-Group exhibition in at Artists Union Hall, Yerevan
2012-'Agora" Gallery Representation, New York, USA
Since 2007 Member of Artists Universal
Since 2008 Member of Artists Union of Armenia



An artist has his/her own philosophy, his/her own vision. People’s lives are full of relations, interactions, events – meaningful or meaningless, important or insignificant. The visible on the surface is unrelated to art, since an artist casts a look inside rather than outside – and the inside directly connected with the universe. Just as people create a situation, interaction and environment via communication, colors and lines in a unity create a conversation, whose basis is the Idea. In my works it is the idea of life and continuity. However, just as people can talk to each other but say nothing, a painting can be well performed, but not expressive(express nothing). By directing a glance inside, an artist searches for an internal world and opens a door towards the depths and gist of life.