Susan Spitz

For many years, my passion has been photography. As my photography career has progressed, so has my subject matter and approach. I adore photographing wildlife as well as the ruins of historic architecture in order to preserve both their beauty and their history. Now, I've discovered a way to express myself in my art by combining components from previous pieces to create a surreal canvas, an enchanted world in which to fantasize about their possibilities. To take us away from our surroundings and into new regions of imagination. My art has been featured in numerous award-winning exhibits throughout New Jersey, as well as New York. For many years, my work has been available for purchase at The Medford Art Gallery. Photography is an intricate part of who I am, allowing an expression of the creative way I see the world through my lens, with hopes of bringing inspiration into others lives.


Dragonfly Dreams

As dragonflies appear to have mystical mythology surrounding them, observing them brings flights of fancy into our day when we happen to encounter one resting on a lovely flower.

Welcome to Paridise “Welcome to Paridise ”

A small angel pauses briefly as she walks beyond the threshold of heaven to enjoy the beauty she is about to enter.

Let's be Friends “Let's be Friends”

A tiny chipmunk comes up to a unicorn and offers it a flower as a gesture of friendship.

Hummingbirds Delight “Hummingbirds Delight”

A tiny hummingbird rests on some vivid colorful flowers as he enjoys his mid-afternoon break.
I shot this little hummingbird at rest among these beautiful flowers. After uploading and processing the image, I added a watercolor background to complete the peaceful feel of this image.

Arose and a Dragonfly “Arose and a Dragonfly”

A delicate blue dragonfly lands on a soft deep pink rose petal.
I added an overlay of sparkling watercolor and brought the complete picture to the forefront to add the magical touch to this delightful encounter.

Fields of Pink “Fields of Pink”

In a field of delicate pink flowers, a butterfly decides to rest and drink some sweet nectar.
I enjoy walking in nature and coming upon such beauty within it's landscape. It lightens my heart and lifts my spirits.

Pretty in Pink “Pretty in Pink”

A darkened background frames the delicate beauty of this pink-petaled lotus flower, emerging with light and color.

Reflections of Autum “Reflections of Autum”

A colorful reflection of a tree in Autumn as lily pads float upon the water, in this reflective pool. Bringing out a stained-glass effect adds to the vibrancy of this image.

The Masks we Wear “The Masks we Wear”

Be the ice princess for the day by wearing this diamond-studded mask that will bring out your inner beauty as you shine. I was drawn to taking pictures of this feminine, classy mask while attending a macro photography event. It is beautiful and shimmers with the icy coldness of a winter's day.

Joyfull “Joyfull”

I felt this image showed, in literal form, what it feels like when we are happy. Taking this at a macro workshop and putting it through a filter to soften its texture, while thinking of what it seemed to represent, happiness and joy sprang to mind right away!

"Sky's on Fire" “"Sky's on Fire"”

As the sun sets one hot summer evening, it seems to almost be on fire with ablaze of color. Walking through the New Jersey Pine Barron's, as the summer sun was setting, it became ablaze with red, certainly a site to see! I continued through the marshes until the darkness engulfed me. Happy to capture such beauty!

A Promise “A Promise”

A ghostly female likeness is superimposed on an image of a serene beach scene at twilight. The words "I'll meet you on the other side..." float above the oceanscape, suggesting a theme of parting or mourning.

"Snow Angel" “"Snow Angel"”

A beautiful red fox in the snow. Foraging for food has left a bit of snow on his nose, while his soulful eyes look directly at the viewer.

"Perfect Profile" “"Perfect Profile"”

The full red coat on this beautiful fox keeps him warm in the cold winter's snow.

Angel Watching Over Me “Angel Watching Over Me”

An angel seems to be deep in thought as she watches over her charge. I added a watercolor finish to bring out the surreal look of this image.

Old Time Angel “Old Time Angel”

A Gothic-looking image of a guarding angel, giving the image an old world.

"Morning Bath" “"Morning Bath"”

A bright red cardinal flutters its wings to wash its feathers with the water of a quiet pond.

"Ocean View" “"Ocean View"”

Two brightly colored starfish cling onto the rock surface under the salty sea water.

Alone “Alone”

On a still, cold, snowy day, stood a small tree next to a small door in a wall. It gave me a feeling of loneliness. Cold as the soft snow fell, the quiet, surrounding me, was filled with a lovely peace, reminding me that we all need time to be alone with ourselves and nature.

Paradise Awaits “Paradise Awaits”

On a beautiful summer afternoon, you come upon a magical realm, you see lovely flowers thriving as well as many species of animals living harmoniously together.