Renáta Laryszová

Mgr. Laryszová Renáta
Birth 31.10. 1975 in Ostrava

Schools :
In years 1998 - 2003 - she is study on Pedagogic faculty Ostrava Univerzity and The School Arts of Works on Ostrava Univerzity in Czech Republic line paintings at Docent Daniel Balabán.
Painters creation also digital photography and correction old artworks. She is a member UVU-SVUT Czech republik. She is participation 72 individual and colective exhibitions at home and foreign country. (Czech republik, Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy, Mexico, Great Britain, China.) She is works and lives in Ostrava. Her artworks is very expresive, she like combination diferent materials. Her special technik is washing and scraping artworks. She writes ebook Lumpárny pejska Edy.(Bad dog Eda)

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Painting figure.:-)

Figure 1 “Figure 1”

Painting on figure.:-)

Figure 2 “Figure 2”

Painting on PVC figure...:-)

Figure 3 “Figure 3”

Painting figure.:-)

Figure 4 “Figure 4”

Painting on plastic figure.:-)

Photography my body

I am as well as... my face, body and soul. Bodypainting.:-)

I am “I am”

Africain? No, its me.:-)

I am 2 “I am 2”

Japain? No, its me.:-) Still me...

I am 3 “I am 3”

And now, its me too. Really.:-)

I am 4 “I am 4”

Still me...:-) Moravian.:-)