Valentin Boanta

Valentin Boanta

Location: Romania

Born in 1980.
Residence: Sibiu, Romania



A horrible creature marches through our deserted streets, attacking the most vulnerable of us, spreading fear and isolating us, like another plague that, almost a century ago, marched through the streets of Munich.

The parade “The parade”

200/200cm, acrylic paint, knife on canvas.


If there is water, there will be life ... said the prophet.

Fishing trip “Fishing trip”

250/150 cm, acrylic paint, knife and brush on canvas.

Forging illusions

The most widespread religion of mankind has been forged in time’s ovens for 2 millennia to count today over 2 billion followers.
In less than 2 decades, a social network has managed to gather the same number of users because today the real forge is technology.

Forging illusions “Forging illusions”

200/150 cm, acrylic paint, knife and spray can on canvas.


Creation belongs to and serves the creator. Will man's greatest achievement, artificial intelligence, belong to him and serve him?

Loss of innocence “Loss of innocence”

120/100 cm, acrylic paint, brush on canvas.


The world is eroding under the weight and multitude of ideologies.

Syncretism “Syncretism”

300/150 cm, acrylic paint and mixted technique on canvas.