Noe Vicente

“I was born in Pagsanjan Laguna, Philippines. I was known by my family members, fellow school classmates, and friends as someone who has a great passion and love for arts at a very young age. I had my very first painting contest at the age of 14, which made me decide to paint until now. As of today, I have been working predominantly in the medium of Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor. I studied Fine Arts and majored in Advertising at the Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines. I found freedom by expressing myself through my art and it’s all about my soul searching for a deeper meaning using art. Art for me is entertainment. To be able to touch the work, as well as to interact with the work is important.”

“I’m inspired to create art through painting because it gives a sense joy and satisfaction. It represents who I am by expressing my heart, mind, and soul. My style and approach to creating art are made through strict but passive touch which can be perceived as liberating constraints with inner values as ‘inspiration’ and ‘authenticity’.”

“I, as an artist, believe that art is made solely of passion, nothing more. Without passion, your art is simply a brush stroke. A good and well-painted piece of art must connect to the viewer who is confronted with the conditioning of his own perception and must become part of it.”

“The world is lively and colorful. Be inspired by what you see around you. Connect with it, feel it and touch the creative values your mind show you. Paint with your eyes close. Let your passion dictate the colors. Let the emotion guide your strokes.”


Noe Vicente Fine Art Collection

I was born in Pagsanjan, Laguna, the Philippines. My works are made predominantly in the medium of oil painting as well as acrylic and water color. I studied Fine Arts at the far Easter University in Manila in 1988. I had participated in solo exhibition shows in the ArtExpo New York 2016, exhibited my art pieces in Miami, Dallas, and Mexico City art galleries as well

I found freedom of expression through my artwork. Painting makes me feel free and it's all about my soul searching for the deeper meaning of creativity through arts. My artworks are representations of (seemingly) concrete ages and situations as well as depictions and ideas that can only be realized in painting..

Soulful Dance “Soulful Dance”

The painting is alive with drama and movement, counteracted with a sense of peaceful restfulness. The visual movement seems to dance on the surface of the canvas, catching the light in their thickly applied brush strokes. The mosaic quality of the light seems to create a sense of movement throughout the painting. Imagination takes me to a new height with this piece of art that is inspiring. It takes me deeply to search my soul. The illustrative figure speaks beautifully that connects to viewer's eyes.

Dimensions: 120.000 x 80.000 x 3.500 cm.

Lost “Lost”

'Lost' was one of my latest work of art. It took me plenty of time to reflect on how I would want to show the emotion behind the art without showing the face. The image of a dog beside the boy looking helplessly helps me find a way to show they were really lost. I was inspired to show the suffering of the street children and my art can relate to that very well. I want the viewers to connect and get the message by thoroughly examining every detail of this art. The brush strokes, thick and impressionistic, are full of life and light showing, each brush stroke catching the light reflections around it and subtly changing color tone as you move around the canvas from different angles. This expressionist-style painting captures the feeling of being street outdoor and seeing the emotions in a person.

Dimensions: 100.000 x 80.000 x 3.500 cm.

Valuable Piece “Valuable Piece”

This painting was created with 11/2 inches deep canvas. I used Bold color to saturates this contemporary impressionism painting of a woman sitting in a file of garbage while reading a dirtied book she found while collecting trashes. The thickly applied brush strokes are alive with texture and motion. Field with bright yellowish colors that reflects the time each morning at which daylight first begins. It measures 47 inches wide and when viewed in person leaves most wide-eyed look.

Somehow it appears realistic though clearly breaching into the realm of expressionism. This noted contemporary impressionist has coined the term “open-impressionism” to describe my latest work.

Dimensions: 120.000 x 80.000 x 3.500 cm.

Summer Solstice “Summer Solstice”

Every year, about this time, you can feel hot/warm breezes against the sun. Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn. When the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. Fun in the water under the heat of the sun. The body sea waters is a magical place of intense waves and strong winds, with beautiful sunny bright skies everywhere, they shine up into the wide blue waters and clear summer skies. This vibrant painting captures a sunny over sea splashes of great waves. The motion of the brush strokes is alive with scintillating light.

Dimensions: 120.000 x 80.000 x 1.500 cm

Tulips Kisses “Tulips Kisses”

A wide closer look of blooming tulips catches the multi-colored light reflections on tulips of a fading afternoon. Those rich and thick skinned flowers seem to look growing on the surface of the canvas, catching the light in their thick but sensitive applied brush strokes. The quality of the light seems to create a sense of quietness throughout the painting. I want to make it look real as much as possible. The details of each flower are kind of rich and real looking. Yet better-seen closer on its canvas.

Dimensions: 100.000 x 70.000 x 1.500 cm.

Behind The Smile “Behind The Smile”

A humbling image of a woman with a child on her back wrap in an old piece of dirty cloth. Foggy and dusty background of polluted air. In this painting, you can see the woman smiling despite the poverty they live in.

Soft but delicate brush stroke makes the image realistically inspiring. A striking contrast against the background makes the image of the woman with her child breathtakingly real looking. The light source reflects beautifully with the main subject.

Dimensions: 80.000 x 60.000 x 1.500 cm.

The Wild Horse “The Wild Horse”

A wide expanse of opaque space sandy desert sand catches the light brightened the white color of the wild horse in a fading afternoon. The enchanting horse of a wild species seems to dance on the surface of a dusty air within the canvas, catching the light in their lightly applied brush strokes. The semi-deemed quality of the light seems to create a sense of movement throughout the painting.Very well detailed painting. The purity of the horse itself well stood-out of its background. A fascinating piece of art.

Dimensions: 120.000 x 80.000 x 1.500 cm.

Running Wild and Free “Running Wild and Free”

Winding washes of river waters weave through the floor of where the three running horses run wild. Splashing around along the wash is beautiful, with ever-changing views and reflections of the red, black and dark brown colored breed. This painting was created with a vivid illusion of a vibrant display of running horses. Each brush stroke of oil paint is carefully applied in details, alive with motion and texture.

Dimensions: 180.000 x 80.000 x 1.500 cm.

The Hummingbird “The Hummingbird”

Fascinating creature, unique in its features. I really like to paint something that is moving, there's a challenge on how to show it in art. I used modern stroke to demonstrate the scene and oil medium represent it well with light shades and shadows. This vibrant painting captures a movement over branches. The motion of the brush strokes is alive with scintillating light.

Dimensions: 90.000 x 60.000 x 1.500 cm.

The Boy and His Flute “The Boy and His Flute”

Captivating moments between the boy who plays his flute to directly entertain a cat audience. This painting was inspired by a human-animal connection through the sound produced by playing with a bamboo pipe. Late afternoon light turned a shaded street into a shadowed stage to perform as the sun crawled closer to the horizon, causing the darkening street to cast long shadows over it.

Dimensions: 60.000 x 90.000 x 1.500 cm.

The Presence Of Maidenhead “The Presence Of Maidenhead”

The image of a tribal young woman bloom exuberantly along this forest leafy surroundings. The mosaic colors representation of the young virgin woman pulls the dreamy eye forward into the closeness, capturing the drama of the womanhood emerges within her. The brush strokes in this painting are thick and impressionistic, full of still color. In a place where the state of being fresh or pure. A guarantee of a woman's purity is normally the presence of a maidenhead. Out of so many temptations a person can seldom experience the presence of a Maidenhead and to put the feeling and the emotion together.

Dimensions: 120.000 x 80.000 x 3.500 cm.

True Colors “True Colors”

This art piece is all about skin color over makeup on the skin surface, revealing true color of the person. Focusing directly on its face where the form intense abstract rendering of shadow and light on her face. The brush strokes are vibrant with color, forming an impressionistic mosaic of texture across the canvas.

Dimensions: 80.000 x 100.000 x 3.500 cm.

The Gardener “The Gardener”

Standing in the middle of the garden at daybreak, the light is so magical, it brings out the image of a girl shines brightly out of its pre-dawn gloom with a fresh burst of color. The plants are green with spring, the fields lush with blooming flowers of different kinds. The young gardener who works joyfully while watering the plants in her garden is a symbol of true nature lover. As her garden blooms so as she. This painting is done with a careful understanding of lights and how it reflects on all the subjects but focuses more on the Gardener.

Dimensions: 70.000 x 90.000 x 1.500 cm.

Flower Picker “Flower Picker”

A wide array of yellow wildflowers sweeps across the canvas in this oil painting. The expressionist movement of brush strokes captures the vibrancy and color of the poppies, thistles, and daisies growing among the grasses. The surreal images of the little girl and a dog picking flower over the landscape come together in a harmony of motion and color. When the flower blossoms in the field, the delighted little girl picks flowers by stooping lower over the little cluster of blossoms. Flowers sprung up everywhere! It is a beautifully delightful scene to paint..... Naturally!

Dimensions: 60.000 x 90.000 x 1.500 cm.

Social Colorism “Social Colorism”

The inviting vibrant display of different skin color varies by the culture called Social Colorism. Many different cultures have historically evolved amongst us and some skin varies according to race that causes the skin color mixed. I used light but rich brush stroke for a clearer definition of the figures. Nakedness shows more of the skin tones thus giving emphasis of the main subject.

Dimensions: 100.000 x 100.000 x 3.500 cm.

The Migrant Worker “The Migrant Worker”

Migrant farm workers are predominantly foreign-born sons, husbands, and fathers who leave what is familiar and comfortable with the hopes and dreams of making enough money to support their families back home; feed themselves; purchase land and a home; like many immigrants who came before them and ultimately return to their homeland. Their aspirations remain the same while others leave their families behind while they seek work and others travel and work with their families. For those who travel without their families, once they realize they would much rather have their families settle with them. To respect or admire is what the impression on this painting is all about. Golden stems of full grown corn field branches form abstract shapes of shadow and light above this landscape of the whole land. The brush strokes are vibrant with color, forming an impressionistic mosaic of texture across the canvas.

Dimensions: 70.000 x 100.000 x 3.500 cm.

I am “I am ”

This oil painting is painted with loose but one directed brush painterly brush strokes, creating a sense of mosaic motion within the painting. The title "I am", was nothing less than a claim to full self. Obviously, I used the timeless 'I am' rather than any title name because this abstract portrait art piece conveyed not only the idea of existence to oneself timelessness and the very nature of I am as oneself.
Dramatic front light source plays a significant role to highlight the image's identity or gender. The portrait has a stunning significance to the face of 'Jesus' as we regularly seen. Rich yellows to orange and red color highlighted the boldness hues of the portrait's which captures thick impressionistic oils.

Dimensions: 80.000 x 100.000 x 3.500 cm.

High Bass “High Bass”

A wide expanse of multi-color background catches the multi-colored stroke of lights. The light seem to reflect on the surface of the canvas, catching the light in their thickly applied brush strokes. The mosaic quality of the light seems to create a sense of movement throughout the painting. The one who plays the instrument in the genres of jazz and he has a unique way to improvised music by the use of Bass Clarinet. Bass Clarinet is used mostly in concert bands and clarinet choirs, where it usually, though not always, plays the bass line of a piece of music. The one who plays Bass Clarinet are very energetic and has strong visual aura along with musical instrument that is vivid.

Dimensions: 100.000 x 80.000 x 3.500 cm

Center Of Attraction “Center Of Attraction”

The image of a couple's dancing in the center area of the stage makes it the main focus of attention. The prominence and the importance were in the eyes of the people watching them dance together on the center stage. It's an irresistible dance drama with an attitude that attracts the most interest or curiosity. You can feel the movement along this wide dance space floor when looked at in a quite a felt like you were inside watching the dance and hearing the music. All you could see in this art piece was the attention that people made to the couple dancing, as the only two to cut silently through their dance steps.

Dimensions: 120.000 x 80.000 x 1.500 cm.

A Day At The Port “A Day At The Port”

A beautiful place to be whether riding a boat or on a fishing expedition. Mostly located on a waterway with facilities for loading and unloading ships. The place is along a coast that gives ships and boats protection from storms and rough water. This Painting a beautiful representation of how sea Ports looks like in a day. Seeing along this wide cues of boats along the bay sides boat park was like traveling in a different ways and paths... I felt like I was surrounded by miles and miles of clear, fresh air, so relaxing I could sail through them all day long. All I could see was the luxury of losing yourself in the unwinding of the natural scene on the coast, as the early morning light cut silently through their stillness and contemplated how to recapture this feeling on canvas.

Dimensions: 120.000 x 80.000 x 1.500 cm.

Ecstasy “Ecstasy”

A leap off in the air, one light source over the dark background, leaving the floor suddenly out of its pre-dawn gloom with a burst of white color powder. The woman is seen with outstretched arms in the air, that are the field with lush clouds of dust. A woman in a state of extreme high spirit, especially when feeling pleasure, a jump of joy. This painting focuses mainly on the subject beauty and imagination between the woman and the dust that had been rendered to support the image. Dark background over light centered image of the woman in a state of ECSTASY.

Dimensions: 120.000 x 80.000 x 1.500 cm.

A Potter At Work “A Potter At Work”

A Potter move about aimlessly, potter around a clay to form a creation of art. The skill of making clay objects by hand is breathtaking. The scene itself is a piece of art. Each brush stroke is carefully placed to add a sense of motion to the overall painting. This painting captures the movement and life of a real potter at work.

Dimensions: 60.000 x 90.000 x 2.000 cm.