Aleksandar Petrovic

Aleksandar Petrovic

Location: Serbia

Aleksandar Petrovic was born in Belgrade 1980.
Graduated on College of Fine and Applied Arts in 2007.

Solo exhibitions:
2006- Cultural Centre "Studentski grad"
2006- Living Room SKC



My primary objective is landscape abstract surrealism, cityscapes and en plein air painting, illustration and digital photography

Fortress “Fortress ”

Fortress One, 128 x 85 cm, oil on plywood

Fortress Two “Fortress Two”

100x50cm, oil on plywood board

No Title “No Title”

70 x 90 cm, oil on canvas

Dreaming “Dreaming”

50x60cm oil on canvas

Moonlight “Moonlight”

40x50cm oil on canvas

The Island “The Island”

60x80cm, oil on canvas

Belgrade Two Kindoms “Belgrade Two Kindoms”

100x60cm oil on canvas

Old Church in Suvojnica “Old Church in Suvojnica”

50x70cm, oil on canvas

Belgrade “Belgrade”

50x60cm, oil on canvas

Dark City “Dark City”

100x70cm oil on canvas

Siege of Belgrade “Siege of Belgrade”

100x80cm, oil on canvas

Cityscape “Cityscape”

40x50cm oil on canvas

Belgrade “Belgrade”

60x60cm, oil on canvas

Landscape “Landscape”

50 x 70cm oil on paper

Cityscape “Cityscape”

100x80cm oil on canvas

Solitude “Solitude”

60x80cm, oil on canvas

Disorder “Disorder”

oil on wooden door, transformed to easel in my alternative studio on roof terace of my building

Fall “Fall”

25x35cm, watecolor