Dimitri Zukov

Dimitri Zukov

Location: Sweden

Dimitri ┼Żukov was born in Odessa, October 8, 1954 which is located in Ukraine in a military family. He came from Tallinn in 1992 and lives in Stockholm since 1994. For several years hestudiedatartschool, butchose tofinishhighertechnicalcollege. He has taught as an engineer in bilbranchen.

Dimitri began his working life in Sweden after a few computer-ritkurser and found work as an engineer-designer at a design agency in Farsta where he worked for three years. His career was interrupted when he got a blood clot in the right eye. Dimitri is a talented painter in the classical realism and surrealism not less. Now he is a professional artist with extensive exhibition experience. Dimitris paintings are imaginative and people like to decorate their interiors. Dimitri has a great interest also for music. As a musician, he writes her own songs, arranges and sings in koserter.

In his art, Dimitri expresses the joy of living in the moment. As a spectator, one is fascinated by his paintings which convey an electrifying feeling of colours and fantastic flashes of various moments. His art awakens our senses and leaves an unforgettable feeling of dynamic forms and symphonic rythms. His art talks to us on many levels, which means constant new discoveries.
One is steadily overwhelmed by his flow of colours, forms and fantasies.


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