Tania Wursig

Tania Wursig

Location: Australia


Tania Wursig is a figurative painter and her work is predominantly a celebration of life and culture, with an exotic flavour and flamboyant colour palette. Her paintings are imbued with strong cultural influences that span from the Gypsy caves of Granada, as seen in earlier works, to the islands of Polynesia, specifically Tahiti.

A dominant theme in Wursig’s work is the expression of ‘tradition’ and connection with the land. Often depicting her subjects laden with elements of nature, flowers, and fruit or in lush fertile surrounds with their gaze fixed directly upon the viewer. ‘Reversing the gaze’, is a device this artist likes to use to empower her subjects and challenge the viewer.

Inspired by her exposure to the Tahitian people and their islands, this artists work depicts the various aspects and aesthetics of culture which revolve around the expression of authentic traditions.

A graduate of Sydney College of the Arts, majoring in fashion and textile design, Wursig experiments with the textural possibilities of painting on collaged surfaces of textiles, Tahitian Pareu, coconut husk, postcards and various ephemera collected on her travels. These grounds add narrative to the paintings connecting the subjects with culture and place.

I am very passionate about ‘we’ as a human race reconnecting with our earth, Polynesian cultures still carry a strong presence of a connection with the land and their cultural traditions. This is what attracts me."

"I have had the great privilege to live in Tahiti for extended periods for almost a decade. This experience has opened my eyes and my heart to the importance of 'earth connection'. Over this time I have been fortunate to meet key people, ‘cultural heroes’ and immerse myself in Tahiti's authentic traditions. This has become a great source of inspiration for me and I have developed a deep appreciation and respect for all aspects of their culture, and the connection to their 'fenua' resonates profoundly with me.”

Having a career that spans almost 3 decades, which includes numerous exhibitions held both nationally and internationally, 7 years directing and curating her own Gallery, (Gallery Aloft) and an annual 3-month painting residency in Tahiti, Tania's works are held in public and private collections worldwide.