Tony Lee

Born Jan. 24, 1951, to Florence Meucci, Great niece of Antonio Meucci, first unpatented inventor of telephone, and Barney Lee, sentenced to life in San Quentin Prison at age 14, then became Youth Authority ward #00001 1942. Am the oldest of six children, mother died when I was 14, father was hardcore alcoholic, we lived in poverty. I was surly headed for death at a young age or a life in prison. But something beyond my control would always prevent my self destruction, instead my life has made me a person with a great amount of compassion and unselfiishness


Wood Spirits

Images captured in wood by using only the flame from a torch. The images do not come from me, I have no control on how the image should look, I only bring out what is already there hidden. Not until the image begins to appear do I know if it's male or female, if its an image of one or many.Please view the video demo at