Rafael Montilla

Geometrical abstract visual artist Rafael Montilla was born in Caracas, Venezuela

I have exhibited my artwork in various cities in the United States such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Weston, Las Vegas, Coral Gables, New York, and the world as Canada, Holanda, Italia, France, Spain and Venezuela

Drawing and oil painting with Professor Lucio Rivas 1974
Drawing, School of Visual Arts Cristóbal Rojas de Caracas 1990
Tapiz (Weaving), School of Visual Arts Cristóbal Rojas de Caracas 1991 Sculpture and modeling in clay at the Art and Fire Workshop by Candido Millán 1991 Sculpture in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofía Ímber (MACC) 1992

Special recognition for contribution to the Art in the community, delivered by the Mayor of the City of Doral (Miami Dade), Juan Carlos Bermudez, April 27, 2017

Tomas Regalado, City of Miami Mayor proclaimed August 19, 2016 as Rafael Montilla’s Day.

First prize “Fair Category” Art + Communication Photography. International Network of Social Journalism (INSJ)Award December 2015 (Art Basel week). INSJ president Horacio Hnaeber presented the award.

Second prize “Abstract Category” Art Communication Photography. INSJ Award December 2015 (Art Basel week). INSJ president Horacio Hnaeber presented the award.

Recognition for contribution to the Art in the community. Acknowledgment was delivered by Fabio A. Andrade of The Americas Community Center July 2013

Barrio Gallery, Doral Conservatory 2900 NW 109th Ave, Doral, FL 33172

Hernán Gamboa Gallery, Humboldt International University & New Professions Technical Institute 4000 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33134

* Kubes in Action Personalities, DATG concept Gallery, Octuber 11 2018, 3625 Northwest 82nd Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166. Anny Bello curator.

* Kubes in Action, Coral Gables Museum July 6th 2018 Coral Gables Museum 285 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, Florida 33134.
Curators: Anny Bello, José Gregorio Noroño & Carlos Sánchez Fuenmayor.

* Kubes in Action Personalities, June 22nd 2018 Hernán Gamboa Gallery, New Professions Technical Institute & Humboldt International University, 4000 West Flagler St. Coral Gables, FL. 33134. Anny Bello curator.

ICFF Javits Center, NYC May 19 – 22, 2019 655 W 34 St, New York NY 10001 Booth 103 Milagros Bello, PH.D. curator

Art Palm Beach, Curator’s Voice Art Projects booth #522 Palm Beach County Convention Center 650 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach, Florida 33401. Milagros Bello, Curator.

Art Miami Week/ Art Basel – RED DOT Art Fair by DATG CONCEPT, Booth #216 December 5 – 9 2018 Mana Wynwood Convention Center 2217 NW 5 Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Art Santa Fe 2018 Contemporary Art Show July 12 – 15, 2018 Sante Fe Convention Center DATG CONCEPT BOOTH #220

ArtExpo NYC 2018 April 18th to 22nd DATG CONCEPT BOOTH #126 Pier 94 711 12th Avenue New York, NY 10019

OUTSIDE THE BOX 3 is the fourth biennial hosted by Elayne Mordes Friday, March 9, 2018 Whitespace Collection 2805 N Australian Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Artexpo Las Vegas January 28th 2018 DATG CONCEPT BOOTH #215 LAS VEGAS MARKET PAVILION 2 475 S. Grand Central Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89106

Art Miami Week/ Art Basel – Spectrum Miami 1700 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132, DAGT COCEPT Booth #613

Miami Biennale Artists for Venezuelan journalists August 19 2017 3000 North Miami Ave Fl 33127

* Orbits June 8 2019 Curator Voice Art Project 350 NE 75th St. Unit 105 Miami 33138 Milagros Bello curator.

* Writing on the walls exhibition May 23 2019 The Blink Group Gallery. 888 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 Aldeide Delgado Puebla curator.

* ACCESSED TERRITORIES May 11 2019 Curator Voice Art Project 350 NE 75th St. Unit 105 Miami 33138 Milagros Bello curator.

* De-Quit April 13 2019 Curator Voice Art Project 350 NE 75th St. Unit 105 Miami 33138 Milagros Bello curator.

* Vortex 2019, Curator's Voice Art Projects 350 ME 75 street Unit 105 Miami 33138, curator Dr Milagros Bello, Feb. 2 2019



Migraine Aura Art. Madi Art

Migraine Aura Art. Madi Art

"RAFAEL MONTILLA is exposed in what he exposes to multiple reinterpretations. His pharmaceutical explorations take him to the magic formulas of the visionary who is delighted with the optical registry that point out extra plastic pathologies. Experimental laboratory of the art of observation between normal and abnormal migraine. "Carlos Sánchez Fuenmayor, curator.

My vision becomes warped and speckled, filled with colorful fireworks. “No, not again,” I think when I realize that this strange, dizzy feeling and these visual auras are the beginning of another Migraine attack.
Once the visual auras hit, I quickly retreat to a dark room as the light around me starts to ache. Seconds after that my head starts pounding with excruciating pain. I close my eyes and try to concentrate on the images and the colors of that beautiful aura that foreshadowed the pain. I concentrate on the images so hard that my only desire when the pain finally lifts is to draw.
This is where my therapy begins – visual auras and pain in a dark room. It culminates when I finish translating the annoying Migraine attack into a shareable, physical work of art. I have been using my visual auras for artistic inspiration for more than eight years now. As a visual artist, it seems only natural for me to transform my Migraine into art. The process of creation that transforms my visual aura into a work of art acts as a kind of therapy and helps me to see the positive part of living with my condition.
Rafael Montilla a visual artist based in Miami, Florida, USA. I work in multiple mediums including photography and sculpture, and he has shown his art publicly in several group and solo exhibitions. He has been living with Migraine since his late 20s.
Migraine aura

Migraine Aura 1 “Migraine Aura 1”

Migraine Aura Art
Madi Art

Migraine Aura 2 “Migraine Aura 2”

Migraine Aura Art 2
Madi Art

Migraine Aura 3 “Migraine Aura 3”

Migraine Aura Art 3
Madi Art

Migraine Aura 4 “Migraine Aura 4”

Migraine Aura Art
Madi Art

Kubes in Action Personality

Kubes in Action Personality
The cube offers the possibility of manifesting aspects of personality through colors. In my work I assume the links between feelings, experiences and personalities themselves, as well as their variations from a given moment, situation and context. That is why specific feelings can manifest in our personality and good and bad experiences have an impact on it. Hence, as individuals our personality can be expressed in particular circumstances or endure over time.

Rafael Montilla is an artist of the image that is lost sight of. Just take a look at his photo sculpture to see how his current cubism transforms the visual arts as the Cubists did with the plastic arts at the beginning of the 20th century. He puts his hands on his eyes to carve games and illusions in and out of cubes of multiple perspectives in emerging North American art.
Carlos Sánchez Fuenmayor, curator.

Kube in action P1 “Kube in action P1”

Measure: 18 "x18"
Technique: Vinyl on wood 2018