Sarah Portrait

Sarah Portrait

Location: Australia

About the artist Sarah Portrait.

After earning her Visual Art degree from Queensland University of Technology in 2015, Sarah Portrait emerged as a significant pet portrait artist in Sydney. Working from her Newtown studio, she utilises her love for animals and photographic eye to create captivating pet portraits. Her work spans a variety of mediums including canvas oil paintings, pencil sketches, and custom phone cases, each piece highlighting the unique personality of the pet.

Sarah’s debut solo exhibition, "Animal Kingdom," held in Darlinghurst Art Gallery in 2019, displayed her mastery over pet portraiture. Despite logistical delays, her 2022 exhibit at Macquarie Point Art Centre unveiled a diverse collection of pet portraits to critical acclaim.

Sarah’s background in Design (Architectural Studies) from the University of Queensland, and previous roles as a visual effects artist and creative consultant, have deeply influenced her approach to pet portraiture, adding depth to each portrait she produces. Sarah is the primary resident of Paint My Pooch Pet Portraits (


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