Olga Pasechnikova

Olga Pasechnikova

Location: Australia

15.09.1968 – Olga was born in the city of Zaporizhzhya on Ukraine and lived there until the High School graduation in 1985.

Along with the secondary school study, she undertook and pass examinations and then had been admitted to The Art School for Children of her native city and got successfully graduated after of four years of study in there at the age of 15 years old.

BA in Arts Teaching. The State College of Arts named after Vutetich, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

MA and BA of Graphic Arts at The State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

21.06.2004 – moved with her family to Australia where they all live and work since that.

MA in Arts Curatorships, the University of Melbourne, the faculty of Art History, Australia.

Works could be viewed on her personal web-site: http/www.olgapasechnikova.com


Getting grown

These works initial a new turn in to my creative development and are mainly made during last two years.

So desirable but still forbidden “So desirable but still forbidden”

A figurative composition based on a still life. Oil on linen, 102 by 76 cm.

Something mysterious about Venice “Something mysterious about Venice”

A figurative composition based on a still life. Oil on canvas, 102 by 76 cm.

The night of magic and reincarnations “The night of magic and reincarnations ”

A figurative composition based on a still life combined with a self-portrait. Oil on linen, 87 by 137 cm.

Her Highness Hip Hop Diva “Her Highness Hip Hop Diva”

A picture - portrait of a living person and dancer. Oil on linen, 137 by 153 cm.

Edward “Edward”

A portrait of a living person. Oil on linen, 92 by 153 cm.

Sisters. “Sisters. ”

A group portrait of life sisters. Oil on linen, 102 by 127 cm.

Ave Maria “Ave Maria”

The figurative composition. Oil on linen, 102 by 153 cm.

A plenty of afternoon tea “A plenty of afternoon tea”

A still life. Water colour on w.c. paper, 50 by 49 cm.