Robert Pennix

Drawing has always been a central part of my being. As a child, I spent a number of hours in self- isolation; a pencil and a sketch pad were my solitude. The magic of drawing was a fascination to me. Drawing became very personal and it became a tool of observation. Because of this intense and continual observation, I feel I am able to make a sensitive and intimate statement about my subject matter.

While in high school, I was influenced by my instructor to recognize the importance of color, perspective, shading, and shapes. This served me well in college. I excelled in all fine art classes, winning awards in oil painting, photography and drawing. I worked for a couple years as a freelance artist. My freelance work included work in several mediums. Over the years, I have had a successful career as a Culinary Professional while continuing work as a pencil and pastel artist on a commission basis. I believe my portrait work has warm and lifelike characteristics. I have been fortunate to produce portraits that hang in homes throughout the region. I pay close attention to the subject in order to achieve a likeness and expression that is distinctly characteristic of the individual.

My love of photography began in college. After working as a freelance artist, I worked for a short time for a design company developing film and creating backdrops for table top photography. That experience affected me. The camera became a tool. I began to use photography as way of recording the subjects in my portrait work. After numerous shots, I realized the camera was not only a tool but an instrument that could be used to record subject matter that is a product of everyday life. I started to venture out with the intention of discovering things that draw my attention. Photography has unleashed a level of creativity that I believe should be shared with others.

I take my artistic endeavors very serious. I approach my artwork in hopes that my art will reveal something poetic and universally true about the human spirit. Converting ideas through painting, photographing or drawing excites my mind and invigorates my imagination. When a piece of my artwork turns out well it provides me with intense pleasure which enriches my life, and hopefully the lives of the viewer and the client.

Robert Pennix


The Relationship Between the Police & My Community

The images tell the story.

Justice or Just-Us “Justice or Just-Us”

Young African American Arrested

840 “840”

The Eyes of a Killer

Weapons “Weapons”

The only weapon that my community is allowed to have.

Make it Home “Make it Home”

The conversation most African American parents have with their children. When interacting with police do what you can to make it home.

Serve & Protect “Serve & Protect”

Who are we Serving? Who are we protecting?