Elena Pope

elena pope

Location: Canada

Painting has always been a joyful and fulfilling part of my life, but only in the last few years I have felt that I found “my voice”. Painting has also become a more imperative mode of expression, a way to process complex emotions and “interpret” the beauty and wonder surrounding me. My best work is when I let the right part of my brain direct the strokes at the beginning and I “respond” layer by layer until the painting becomes the story that needed to be shared…sometimes troubled and messy, occasionally light and bubbly.

I love the versatility of acrylics. Occasionally, I employ charcoal, textiles, paper and oil sticks to add depth and meaning to my paintings.

My art has always felt very personal and, in the past, I struggled to share it. Pandemic shifted that- I realized that while art making is a selfish act, art sharing is essential, because of its universality, transcending languages, cultures, and trends. And today, more than ever, we need art to sustain, to heal, to connect, to escape…

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Interpreting Muskoka

While most of my paintings just happens, this current group of paintings is more purposeful in its intent. “Interpreting Muskoka” attempts to interpret the beauty of Muskoka woods. I was inspired and challenged to recreate the colors of the trees and leaves, their shadows and highlights, changing with the time of the day, season and ambient temperature, the discarded birch bark lying on the ground (featuring as media in the current series), adding light and reflecting back the color of the moss, stone and ground, and the knotted tree roots marking their territory... But more importantly I tried to convey the many ways in which a walk in the nature, nourishes and cleans the soul, reframing our position in the world.
“I took a walk into the woods and I came out taller than the trees.”- Henry David Thoreau

Amalgamate “Amalgamate”

This painting represents superimposed seasons on the same canvas; the same way each season imperceptibly changes us, so the landscape has imprints from each season.

Afterglow “Afterglow”

The softness of light reflecting on the colors of autumn creates a mysterious glow.

Autumn Layers “Autumn Layers”

Thread carefully over the carpet of fallen leaves; there is beauty even in decay.

The Poetry of Leaves “The Poetry of Leaves”

The loss of verdant green gives leave to more potentially gorgeous shades; there is so much beauty in this dusk of changes.