Maria Ofarrell

Maria's interest in nature and wildlife photography has been present since she was a child. Roughly 12 years ago, she took a 10,000 mile journey to several US National Parks including Grand Teton, Glacier, Arches, Redwood, Zion, and Crater Lake National Park. After happening upon "Images of Nature" , a Thomas Mangelsen nature photography gallery, she was so moved by the images that she decided to go about capturing them herself. Ever since that transformative journey 12 years ago, she has been perfecting her craft. Maria's foremost goal in taking exquisite nature images is to offer an intriguing view of a fascinating world people rarely see. Her images take you deep into Navajo slot canyons with dancing beams of sunlight, into the eyes of leopards and wolves, inside flowers, atop mountains holding rainbows, to the deepest lake in North America and out to windswept expanses. Her undergraduate degrees are in Botany and Zoology and she is currently in a Biomimicry Professional Certificate Program, all of which give her a profound respect and knowledge of the natural world, all while affording her the opportunity to travel to stunning natural places where she continues to build her unique natural photography collections. All this background gives Maria a deep appreciation for the natural world and a desire to continue to capture stunning images for others to enjoy. These images bring the beauty of the outside world into the inside world of homes and offices.


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