Kevin Townend

Based in Yorkshire, Great Britain.
Contemporary Visual Artist
Working mainly with Pearl, Metallic and Oil paints
Dynamic landscapes scenes or industrial working class scenes


Industrial Northern England

Coal mining has been an essential part of British industry since Roman times. This collection looks at the day-to-day hardship in the northern mining communities themselves. The paintings remember the narrow cobbled streets, the football heroes (Bobby Charlton), the gas lite homes and the bleak industrial landscapes.

Bobby's whippet “Bobby's whippet”

The painting shows the local school teacher (Mr Sugden) dressed as Soccer World Cup winner, Bobby Charlton with his pet Whippet

Get in tha' Goal “Get in tha' Goal”

School Teacher (Sugden) shouting at Schoolboy (Kes) to get in the imaginary goal

Outside Lav (Toilet) “Outside Lav (Toilet)”

Man waiting to use outside lavatory in his backyard