Craig Robb

Sculptor, Craig Robb graduated with honors from the University of Colorado at Denver. He learned his craft from sculptors such as Lorre Hoffman, Brian Dreith, Bob Mangold his brother, Kevin Robb. He utilizes found objects represented alone or assembled with other materials. His works are meant to be metaphorical in nature but can be appreciated simply as objects of beauty. The intent of the work is that hopefully, it might influence a viewer to look at their everyday surroundings differently. Robb’s publications include Best of America: Sculpture Artists, Internationale Kunst Heute, Famous Contemporary Artists and International Contemporary Artists and has been exhibited and collected across the country.


Wood and Steel

This series consist of wall hung sculpture's that utilize wood and steel as their base components and was once labeled as metaphorical vistas, a description that I have always liked. Within these sculptures I include houses, chairs, and other objects that, with their inherent symbolism, develop metaphors about issues that are important to me. Many of my ideas stem from a fascination with how things are connected, both literally and figuratively. The combination of wood and curved steel are utilized as both compositional elements and to create spaces for these objects to reside. I have always been interested in how objects function within a given space, how they occupy it and the relationships created with the other objects in that space. Because of the broad range of symbolism, these sculptures can speak on many different levels and to many different people.

Fragmented Resonance “Fragmented Resonance”

Wood, Steel, Mixed Media
22” x 12” x 8"

Ode to Schrödinger “Ode to Schrödinger”

Wood, Steel, Mixed Media
18” x 27” x 6"

Whence is My Beginning “Whence is My Beginning”

Wood, Steel, Glass, Root, Model Tree
32” x 11” x 6"

Relative to One “Relative to One”

Wood, Steel, Acrylic
28” x 12” x 9"

deference to the worthy “deference to the worthy”

Wood, Steel, Seed Pods, Crystal, Bug
32" x 21" x 6"

Intrigues of the Universe “Intrigues of the Universe”

Wood, Steel, Acrylic, Video Projector parts, Feather, Bug

17" x 37" x 7”


Light Works

This series of works stemmed from an exploration into light and how it could enhance my ideas. It quickly became more about the light and how it could be manipulated.

A Fractious Embrace “A Fractious Embrace”

Wood, Acrylic, LED Lights, C-Clamps

Eclipse “Eclipse”

Wood, Led lights
approx. 6’ x 3’ x 3'

Plank “Plank”

Wood, Led Light, Marble
96” x 11” x 3"

Blind Side “Blind Side”

Wood, Acrylic, led lights
18” x 18” x 5"

Reference “Reference”

Wood, Cloth, LED lights, Acrylic

Deference to the Spectrum “Deference to the Spectrum”

Wood, Acrylic, LED lights

Nuclear Home “Nuclear Home”

Wood, Mesh and Video Projection
10" x 16" x 6"