Ferruccio Ferro

Ferruccio Ferro

Location: Canada

I was born in Italy and, after classical studies, graduated at the international School of Mosaic of Spilimbergo in 2007 where I learned the main mosaic tecnhiques, terrazzo flooring and stained glass. A study grant for a year of specialization followed so I kept attending the School until September 2008.

A few collaborations, internships and exhibitions with fellow mosaic artists followed.

In 2009 I started travelling for work bringing the Italian mosaic expertise around the world. Amongst many experiences, I've worked on mosaic restorations in Jordan (Mount Nebo), private and public projects with renown mosaic artists in British Columbia (Canada), big public art projects (and actual installations of such projects) for the company Mosaika in Canada and the USA, private and public art projects with Mosaic Republic in Melbourne, Australia, then again back in Canada I worked for Ciot Studio (Montreal, Quebec) on private art mosaic projects.

I've experienced the art of mosaic in every shape, form and technique imaginable. I strive to achieve the best possible results with every artwork I'm in charge of, in order to unleash all the potential and beauty this media is capable of.

I am able to create custom mosaics in any technique and meet, and often exceed, the expectations of a client. I also offer custom installation of mosaics, tilework and marble.

Now in 2021 I am based in Montreal, Canada but am used to moving around for work so don't hesitate to contact me wherever you are.

If interested, please get in touch with me via email at conte_ferro (at) yahoo.it or by calling +1 514 244 0228


Pebble Musicians

This series represents some music icons of the '60s and the '70s translated into mosaic. Only river pebbles have been used to repruduce these icons exept for Janis Joplin, for which I used marbles and some Caribbean pebbles too.
Almost all of these have been sold already, but I can reproduce any of your favourite musicians on commission... a mosaic is forever!

Jim Morrison “Jim Morrison”

Portrait of Jim Morrison reproduced in river pebbles. Dimensions: 43 X 43 cm.

Jimi Hendrix “Jimi Hendrix”

Portrait of Jimi Hendrix reproduced in river pebbles. Dimensions: 43 X 43 cm.

John Lennon “John Lennon”

Portrait of John Lennon reproduced in river pebbles. Dimensions: 43 X 43 cm.

Frank Zappa “Frank Zappa”

Portrait of Frank Zappa reproduced in river pebbles. Dimensions: 43 X 43 cm.

Janis Joplin “Janis Joplin”

Portrait of Janis Joplin reproduced in marble, costume jewelry and pebbles. Dimensions: 43 X 43 cm.

Smalti Projects

Here are some of my mosaics made of smalti glass and other coloured, bright materials made expressly for mosaics.
With these materials you really have the possibility of playing with the surface, its dimensions and its shades.

Embryonic Fusion “Embryonic Fusion”

This mosaic represents a detail of a painting of the artist Jean MirĂ². Modern and direct technique, made of smalti glass, marbles and steel inserts. Dimensions 42 X 70 cm.

La Vespa “La Vespa ”

This is a tiny three dimensional smalti project. I wanted to create a small, bright, pop mosaic which could fit anywhere so I decided to shape a Vespa out of a piece of styrofoam and cover it with smalti splinters to get this "furry" feeling. Its dimensions are 20 X 10 X 8 cm and its weight doesn't exceed 4,5 Lbs.

Chessboard “Chessboard”

This mosaic chessboard is made out of smalti, avventurina and marbles in a metal frame. Regardless of the fact that it's almost perfectly flat, its surface does vibrate under the light. Dimensions 40 X 40 cm. Chess are missing.

Kinuko, the pendant “Kinuko, the pendant”

This is a detail of a mosaic I've been working on last year at the Mosaika Studios in Montreal. The project by the artist Kinuko Y. Craft was destinated to the World Prize Food Foundation (Des Moines, Iowa) and it represents two important scientists which won the Nobel Prize for their development of the cereal cultivation.
This detail shows a pendant and many of these smalti pieces are as big as pinheads.

Kinuko, the dress “Kinuko, the dress”

This detail shows the dress of a man, the intention was to perfectly reproduce the texture of the fabric and we could make it after some attempts.

Pendants, jewelry

Pendants, rings, jewelry in Tiffany style / stained glass made on commission.

More Mosaics

Roman Cougar “Roman Cougar”

Reproduction of a roman mosaic. Diameter 32 cm.

If you, then I... “If you, then I...”

This project features two wooden panels 170 cm long and 30 cm wide, one black with white mosaic on it and one white with black pieces. The mosaic part is all made of river pebbles. You tell what you can see in it: clouds, spots, waves, skeletons... or simply complementarity between two parts.


I had the chance to work on a mosaic restoration for several month at the Memorial of Moses in Mount Nebo, Madaba, Jordan. Holding these worn tesserae in your hands knowing they are more than 1500 years old is something unforgettable.

sections “sections”

The mosaic was first put down to number all the sections

small old pieces “small old pieces”

After having scrubbed the old cement off, it's time to put the pieces back together

men at work “men at work”

Cleaning up the surface before putting on the cloth which is going to hold the pieces together while we remove the old cement from back of the mosaic.

landscape “landscape”

with these amazing surroundings, working in the dusty desert has been really rewarding


Sometimes, mosaics artworks are so wide that they need to be divided into smaller sections in order for them to be properly installed. When it comes to these dimensions, the installation could last more than a month.
I've installed mosaics in Italy, Jordan, Quebec (Montreal), British Columbia (Richmond, Victoria), Ontario (Toronto), New York, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey (USA), Melbourne (Australia).