Alexandra Ellena

Alexandra Ellena



Professor Alexandra Ellena/ Printmaker/ Sculptor and Mixed Media

Houston based printmaker and sculptor, Alexandra Ellena, has been honing her skills in printmaking for the past several years. She discovered her second love of sculpture while obtaining her MFA at Houston Baptist University. While attending her artist in residency in Germany in 2021 she continued to experiment more with both sculpture and printmaking, occasionally combining the two in singular works allowing each component to facilitate each other.

Alexandra’s evolution from 2D to both 2D and 3D work has allowed her to introduce other ideas and elements into her work extending her range and talent. Her focus on the unknown and alien among us challenges the viewers to step away from the mundane and question what could be. She utilizes texture in her sculptures and plate manipulation in her prints to create and whimsical yet foreboding story for these pieces to reveal.

The Essence of Me “The Essence of Me”

Following my folklore surrealist style. I created an animal hybrid framed in which I carefully chose each animal based off their individual meanings. This piece tell my story of my fight with childhood cancel, surviving, being lucky to have a second chance at life.

The Visitor “The Visitor”

What I feel is a reoccurring image of horror or nightmares. Standing 6ft tall, dark and ominous looking down at you.

Zombie “Zombie”

A well know cryptid that in recent years has gathered more attention than most.

Him “Him”

A new age cryptid introduced to us with the development and innovation of technology. Known to target children.

Maria “Maria”

Marie is who she is because of me. I created her, her back story, who she was in life, and what would lead to her death. Gathering found objects and assembling them in a shadow box to tell her who story so the view can get to know her as well. She was not quite ready to depart this world, indicated by her hand reaching out for help through her life story.