Marek Zgodka

I’m an abstract expressionist painter, with great sensitivity, who creates works by bending what is meant by reality and sometimes even touching on irrationality. On canvas, I express my subjective point of view of things, people’s interactions, and their deepest emotions.
My motto is ‘Everything that is not obvious is exciting.
I use color and form to express a taste of a moment and feelings.
Art is
a dynamic concept, something that is constantly
changing over time and often leads to
unexpected results: The Best Way to approach art
is to evolve with it, and observe it by accepting the
inability to fully understand its logic.



My main medium is high-luminosity oil colours where it’s the diversity of space is presented as texture
Interconnected and arranged in close proximity to light waves precepted by the observer in their own state meaning.
I believe I have an increased sensitivity to emotional or social stimuli, I appreciate the inseparableness of the mind and quantum process and embrace the philosophical nature of emotion. .I am infatuated by philosophy, astrophysics, existentialism and linguistic thoughts as the final process of my creation. Quantum and cognitive processes involved within, I love art that questions reality and state of mind, filings and is presented in an abstract way. or is inspired by the question of the reality of being.
I believe my work can touch the deep reflections within, as it related to emotional states that everyone can be going through during their beautiful journey of life. Finally, the question of meaning an expression of art giving birth to something new every day is just an impulse given by social energy particle-based stimuli by the second just passed by and away,. From the reified symbolic expression of creative imagination all by the colour and form created on my canvas.

Circuity 1 “Circuity 1”

oil on canvas 135 x105 cm

dm “dm”

Oil on Canvas 60 x80 cm

in the park “in the park”

oil on canvas 60 x76 cm