Linda Ravella

Linda Ravella, Artist

Linda Ravella I showed a passion for art at a very young age, receiving art awards as early as grade school. The arts were the center of my education. Instructor Lois Pety became my mentor. Upon graduating, I earned a scholarship to The Phoenix School of Design in New York City. I worked as a Technical Illustrator for years, before raising my 3 sons. While living on Long Island, I also enjoyed painting local scenes and the beautiful seascapes inherent of the area.

Most of the 1980s were spent living in Michigan. It was there that I became intensely involved in the art community. I received further art instruction (at the college level) from instructors Mary Vangilder, Johanna Hass, and Leslie Masters. I also studied at The Detroit Institute of Arts and The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. I took membership in such prestigious organizations as The Birmingham-Bloomfleld Art Association, Waterford Friends of the Arts and The Pontiac-Oakland Society Of Artists. I had professional memberships with The Cranbrook Institute of Arts. The Paint Creek Center for the Arts, and The Michigan Watercolor Society. While in Michigan, I won numerous art show awards. It was also at this time that I began to do commissioned paintings.

At the end of that decade, I lived in the Brandywine Valley region of Pennsylvania. Though it was only for a short while, I enjoyed capturing the beauty and history of that area on canvas. I also became involved with some professional art organizations, such as The Delaware Museum of Art, The Chester County Art Association and The Community Arts Center in Wallingford, Pa.

After Pennsylvania, I relocated to Holliston, Massachusetts, a town 25 miles west of Boston. It was at that point that my professionalism flourished.

Linda Ravella, artist I became the sole proprietor of my business and through that business, I painted many individual and corporate commissions, including portraits of several prominent business and sports figures; to include Hugene Trusdale Cleland, architect of Kirk in the Hills Church, Bloomfield, Michigan; Shirley A De Liberto, Executive Director of the New Jersey Transit authority; Kathleen M. Haage, Area Director U.S. Custom Services; Virginia E. Haines, Executive Director New Jersey Lottery Commission, and jockey Carl Gambardella (Hall Of Fame), along with others.

I was also commissioned to create a 4' x 8' mural for Cedar Hill Associates and Environmental Fire Protection, a Marlboro, Massachusetts Real Estate Development & Fire Sprinkler Company. It depicts the history of both companies, showing every building they had occupied, built, or bought (step by step) during their history. The employees commissioned me to paint it as a sign of appreciation to the owner and President, Alan G. Germain. In addition, the MIAA, in Franklin, Massachusetts, purchased a few large Geclee's to display in their establishment.

Boston became my first love for subject matter. To date I have (oil) painted a series of Swan Boat paintings, views of The Public Garden and other familiar scenes throughout the city. There is a line of limited edition prints that includes my images.

Since the Boston scenes, I have spread out to become a New England artist, painting scenes from numerous locations, including Cape Cod; Jackson, New Hampshire; Ougonquit, Maine; and many other locations. During my travels through northern New England, I fell in love with many of the beautiful hotels and resorts that are located there. I have done original oil paintings and limited edition prints for such establishments as The Mount Washington Hotel and Resort & Bretton Woods, New Hampshire; The Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, Vermont; The Green Mountain Inn and Top Notch Resort and Spa, both in Stowe, Vermont, and The Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Massachusetts.

While living in New England, I have studied under one of America's leading portrait painters, Daniel E. Greene, N.A. and attended The Rhode Island School Of Design. After living in Holliston, Massachusetts, for 20 years, I now reside in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Swanboat In April of 2016, Stronger Film Productions asked to use Linda's artwork ("Swanboat" Print) as a set dressing and/or prop in their upcoming motion picture "Stronger". They did the same with her other artwork in "Gone Baby Gone", & "Ted 2", a while before....

"Stronger" follows Jeff Bauman, a normal 27-year-old guy, who enjoyed nothing more then watching the Red Sox at his local bar. But on April 15th, 2013, everything changed. While cheering on his girlfriend Erin at The Boston Marathon, the first bomb went off at Jeff's feet, taking both of his legs with it.

During the aftermath, one unforgettable photograph forever captured Jeff as the face of this tragedy. "Stronger" chronicles Jeff's recovery as he grapples with both the loss of his mobility and his newfound celebrity following the attack. It's a story of triumph over adversity, how sometimes in our darkest moments we find unexpected strength.

Through this journey, Jeff comes to understand how his family, friends and the world came to consider an average guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time a hero. Production requested permission to use Linda's artwork as set dressing in the home and/or work place of one of the characters.


Woodstock, Vermont

I have painted at The Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, Vermont, along with other Fine Arts & Craft shows in that area.

"Summer Woodstock Inn", Vermont “"Summer Woodstock Inn", Vermont”

While doing art shows at The Woodstock Inn, customers requested that I paint it in the summertime as well.

"Welcome To Woodstock", Vermont “"Welcome To Woodstock", Vermont”

While walking around Woodstock, Vermont, I selected this "welcoming image" to paint.

"Chocolate Cow", Woodstock, Vermont “"Chocolate Cow", Woodstock, Vermont”

"A popular place to stop & relax, with your favorite flavor ice cream!"

"Covered Bridge", Woodstock, Vermont “"Covered Bridge", Woodstock, Vermont”

My favorite yellow house in Woodstock, Vermont (-on the left), with the wonderful covered bridge (-on the right), that sort of "invites you in!"

"Omni Mount Washington Hotel", Brettonwoods, N.H.

I've painted at The magnificent Omni Mount Washington Hotel for about 25 years, & I am "part of the family", there. -They hang my original oil paintings, & sell my Limited Edition Prints & Giclee's of the Hotel. -I cherish many fond memories of the many weddings, & the wonderful people I've encountered there, through the years! I have also become the "family artist" to many of the customers from the Hotel, as well.

Painting "Winter Moon" “Painting "Winter Moon"”

Here I am painting "Winter Moon", which hangs at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel, with other oil paintings of mine.

"Mountain View" “"Mountain View"”

Here is the magnificent mountain view of The Omni Mount Washington Hotel, Brettonwoods, N.H. -It was commissioned to me by the "Forbes" family. -Their friend took the picture at their wedding, & they wanted me to paint it for them. It now hangs in their beautiful townhouse on Beacon Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

"Finished Commission" “"Finished Commission"”

....Taken right before leaving to deliver the original oil painting of "Mountain View" to the Forbes family.

"Mount Washington Hotel # 2" “"Mount Washington Hotel # 2"”

My oil painting of the entrance to The Omni Mount Washington Hotel, Brettonwoods, New Hampshire.

"Veranda" “"Veranda"”

While painting there, I've seen so many beautiful weddings taking place on this amazing "Veranda", at The Omni Mount Washington Hotel, Brettonwoods, N.H.-(-This original oil painting hangs at the Hotel.)

"Side By Side" “"Side By Side"”

Sitting on the Veranda at The Omni Mount Washington Hotel, viewing the spectacular Fall foliage is peacefully relaxing! -These 2 red rocking chairs were so inviting to us, and inspired me to paint them.

"Bretton Arms" “"Bretton Arms"”

This lovely Victorian Inn sits on the Omni Mount Washington Hotel (Brettonwoods, N.H.) property, and is my favorite cozy place to dine. -My original oil painting of it, hung right in the entryway. -Unfortunately, it has "disappeared", & no one knows where it is! -However, I do have the color separations that I had made from it, therefore Limited Edition Prints &/or Giclee's can be produced of it. -Sadly, I feel like "a part of me" is missing!

"A Moment In Time" “"A Moment In Time"”

It was The "Roaring Twenty's" weekend at The Omni Mount Washington Hotel in Brettonwoods, N.H. -That was my favorite era, which inspired me to paint this, which hangs at the Hotel.

"Reflection" “"Reflection"”

Their golf course is amazing, and it's absolutely breathtaking to see The Omni Mount Washington Hotel reflected in the water, on a sunny day, which inspired me to paint it! -This original painting hangs at the Hotel.

Winter Majesty “Winter Majesty”

How Magnificent The Omni Mount Washington Hotel in Brettonwoods, N.H. looks with the mountains covered in snow! -This painting hangs at the Hotel.

Mt. Washington Hotel #1 “Mt. Washington Hotel #1”

"Welcome to The Omni Mount Washington Hotel!" -This is the first painting I created for them, and it hangs at the Hotel.

An Exhibit Of Mine at The Omni Mount Washington Hotel “An Exhibit Of Mine at The Omni Mount Washington Hotel”

There was a ceremony for me, presenting my painting of "Bretton Arms", a cozy Victorian Inn, that is owned by The Omni Mount Washington Hotel. -Very sadly, the painting "disappeared" during renovations and new ownership! -I felt like "a piece of me" was missing, and it will "haunt me for the rest of my life!"

Painting "Side By Side" at The Omni Mount Washington Hotel “Painting "Side By Side" at The Omni Mount Washington Hotel”

Another exhibit of mine at The Omni Mount Washington Hotel, Brettonwoods, N.H.

Boston, Massachusetts

I fell in love with Boston and painted many familiar scenes, at my customers requests...People who use to live here, people who live here now, and visitors as well. There's just "something about Boston" that one cannot forget, and I'm thankful to be a part of their memories of it!

"Where Everybody Knows Your Name" “"Where Everybody Knows Your Name"”

...The famous "Cheers" bar in Boston.

"Tourist Season" “"Tourist Season"”

This was in front of The North Church in Boston. It struck me funny, because the tourists were "more then happy to pose for this painting!"

"At Your Service" “"At Your Service" ”

This poor man was totally exhausted, when I asked him to pose for me. -I must have spent more time working on his face (-trying to capture his mood "precisely"), then just about the entire painting! ...."Success!"

  "The Old Statehouse" “ "The Old Statehouse" ”

I captured a snowy day in Boston & the old statehouse, my favorite!

"Statehouse" “"Statehouse"”

Another snowy day in Boston, and a very masculine painting of the new Boston Statehouse!

"Frog Pond" “"Frog Pond" ”

It was a cold afternoon in Boston, around 4:00 pm, my favorite "shadow" time of the day. -I just love the energy at "Frog Pond", and so I decided to paint it and make this my "fun" painting!

"Boston Ducks" “"Boston Ducks"”

....These are the duck sculptures that represent "Make Way For Ducklings"....My children and Grandchildren all sat on these ducks, so I decided to paint them, using a "glazing" technique, which makes thin layers of paint colors sort of "bounce off" each other. -As a result, this painting can hang on virtually ANY COLOR wall, and then suddenly you "see that color come through", in this painting!

"Swanboat" “"Swanboat" ”

The famous Boston "Swanboat" became such a popular painting, that I decided to do a "series" of four!

"Sunday In Boston" “"Sunday In Boston"”

....This is the "2nd of my Swanboat series"...

"Pigeon Friends" “"Pigeon Friends"”

My father loved pigeons, so when I saw this copula with the pigeons on it, I decided to paint it "in his honor!" ....Every time I sell one of the Limited Edition Prints of it, I "look up to heaven and thank him!"

"Waiting In Line" “"Waiting In Line"”

The 4th and last painting of my series, I decided to paint the Swaboat's pulling up to the doc, where people were "Waiting In Line", for their Swanboat ride.

"Valentines Day in Boston" “"Valentines Day in Boston" ”

My valentine and I always spent Valentine's Day weekend in Boston. -Being such a "festive and romantic time of the year", I couldn't wait to express that in this painting!

"Trolley Car" “"Trolley Car"”

I like the trolley cars in Boston, and captured this one riding by "The Salvation Army", on a sunny day.

"Familiar Scenes Of New England"

I so enjoy bringing beauty into people's lives by painting scenes of places that they love!

"The Sagamore, Lake George, New York" “"The Sagamore, Lake George, New York"”

A magnificent place to stay, with so much beauty and class! -It was recommended to me to paint it, and I'm sure glad that I did!

"The Cranwell, Lenox, Massachusetts" “"The Cranwell, Lenox, Massachusetts"”

The Berkshires has the most beautiful scenery you could ask for, & The Cranwell was my favorite place to stay! -The original oil painting hangs there, and they used this image on their correspondence cards, as well.

"Taftsville Covered Bridge, Vermont" “"Taftsville Covered Bridge, Vermont"”

A well known and loved bridge that was near where I was doing an art show. -It just captivated me, and I had to paint it!

"Perkin's Cove", Ogunquit, Maine “"Perkin's Cove", Ogunquit, Maine”

...Such a cozy place, where we relax and watch the fishing boats come in, which inspired me to paint it. -I just love the beauty of the area, the shoppes, the restaurants, and the "peacefulness of it all!"

"Siasconset" “"Siasconset"”

While exploring Cape Cod, these cottages captured my eye, and gave me a "warm Americana" inspiration to paint them!

"Nubble Light" “"Nubble Light"”

After that horrible "September 11th" day, we took a ride to York, Maine to find some "peace and tranquility"....While sitting on the rocks, I was "overwhelmed" at the American flag flying at half mass. -I just HAD to paint it!

"Motif # 1" “"Motif # 1"”

While painting at an art show, a rather grouchy old timer with a veteran's hat on, asked me if I ever painted "Motif # 1?" -I had just moved to Massachusetts, and tol him that "I never heard of it"....He was quite bothered by my response and said, "How can you be an artist and not paint Motif # 1?!?" -We got to chatting, and became friends. I promised him I would go to Cape Ann in search of it, and I did. -He followed me to all the shows I did after that, and I gave him a Limited Edition Print of "Motif # 1", in honor of our friendship. -Unfortunately, he died of cancer, years later...I will never forget him, may his soul rest in peace!

"Captain Jack's Wharf" “"Captain Jack's Wharf"”

While exploring Province Town, Massachusetts with my artist friend Lois Griffel, I was captivated by this scene. Lois liked to paint marsh lands; but suggested that I paint "Captain Jack's Wharf", so I did. It is a gay community, and I decided to insert 2 men inconspicuously standing together..."Can you find them?"

"Jackson Covered Bridge" “"Jackson Covered Bridge"”

I just love covered bridges, and "Jackson Covered Bridge" is my favorite one, in New Hampshire, which inspired me to paint it.

"Highland Light" “"Highland Light"”

This lighthouse is in Truro, Massachusetts, and "it had to be moved because of erosion!" -My favorite compliment from a customer of mine was when she told me, "IT SPEAKS TO ME!"...Of all my paintings, I love the "peacefulness" that I feel, when I look at this one!