Carmen Rey

Carmen Rey

Location: Spain

Born in 1971 in MatarĂ³, Barcelona. Her professional career in chemistry and computer science was always far from the arts. Since she started in oil painting, in 2015, she tries to capture subtle and interesting expressions in her portraits and figure paintings.



Portrait and figure oil paintings.

Longing “Longing”

Oil portrait on linen, 33 per 40 cm, framed.

Abstraction “Abstraction”

Oil portrait in wood panel, 60 x 40 cm, framed.

Alone “Alone”

Realistic figurative painting, oil on canvas, 81 x 65 cm, framed.

Childhood “Childhood”

Realistic figurative painting about innocence, expressed through the gaze and gesture of the litlle girl. Oil on linen, 52 per 44 cm, framed.


Landscape realistic figurative paintings in oil medium.

Ribadesella “Ribadesella”

Peaceful image of a river in Ribadesella, Spain. Realistic figurative painting, oil on wood panel, 60 per 39 cm.

Brittany “Brittany”

Image of the street life in a village in the Frech Brittany. Realistic figurative citiscape, oil on wood panel, 65 per 54 cm.