Janis Grummitt

Janis is a self taught photographer and painter. She started painting to recover from a brain tumour in 2007. Prefering to use acrylics, she paints landscapes, portraits and a few abstract works.

Her painting contrasts with and complements her work developing collective wisdom with organisations. The process of painting enables her to think and gain more insight.


Images of the Wairarapa

These paintings show the Wairarapa New Zealand in drought. It is beautiful and the colours spectacular.

The Road to White Rock “The Road to White Rock”

This is the road to White Rock - beautiful colours contrasted with the road.

Martinborugh Stockyard “Martinborugh Stockyard”

The colours of drought - sad but beautiful. This stockyard in Martinborough New Zealand

Red Shed “Red Shed”

Red sheds are typical in rural NZ. I wanted to capture the beuty of one in the drought of the Wairarapa.

Spring in the Wairarapa “Spring in the Wairarapa”

After the drought came the spring....

Lake Ferry “Lake Ferry”

A lake by the sea


I try to paint portraits that represent the special essense of people. Perfection is rarely beautiful and certainly doesn't show character. I hope to allude to these in my paintings.

Edna “Edna”

This is my mother at 82. She is beautiful and energetic; she is my role model for ageing!

John “John”

John is my husband. I tried to portray him as reliable, honorable, altruistic and independent.


I like bold colours and symbols, but more recent paintings have been more metaphorical and complex.

Aztec Condor “Aztec Condor”

I painted this for my mother on her 80th birthday - she loves Peru and all thing Aztec. The beak and talons are gold leaf.

memories “memories”

I painted this after an operation to remove a brain tumour - this was a reflection of my mind at the time.The material is ripped but there are brightly coloured memories underneath and lots of growth on the surface!

Wisdom “Wisdom”

The brain connects - our thoughts are wired. The older we get, the more our chances of connecting thoughts across a vast landscape of different areas of knowledge in our minds. This is cognitive wisdom.


I love taking photos - these are some of the ones I really like. They all have something to say.

Nature and Nurture “Nature and Nurture”

This is the old customs house and the first tree planted by settlers in Russell New Zealand. Russell became the capital of NZ for a short time and a raucus hell hole of whalers. Both building and tree are about the same age - I love the contrast between the two - one with no straight lines and the other with no curves; natural vs man-made.

Willow “Willow”

I really like this candid shot of my friend Jean's kitten willow. So trusting.

Wisdom “Wisdom”

Taken at the botanical gardens in Hobart - a beautiful metaphor for wisdom.


This is a collection of paintings from various inspirations.

Summer Colour “Summer Colour”

This is the bach of our friends Garry and Shirley in Wooley's Bay North of Auckland

Tawharenui Beach “Tawharenui Beach”

Our favourite place to walk. This is Anchor Bay.

Portofino “Portofino”

The colour of Italy blew me away. I had to paint this scene!

Wooleys Bay “Wooleys Bay”

A painting of Wooley's Bay in the far North with Garry and Shirley's back in the distance.

Montemarcello “Montemarcello”

A lovely little hill village where we stayed in Liguria. The darker side of Italy is represented by the graffitti on the wall and the darker reality of life within the walls(inside the gate).The tourist side is light but the detail disguised by a sheer curtain.