Ken Ooms

Artist Avant-Garde [a] Rama


Astro plain


The Mexican Duchamp “The Mexican Duchamp”

This sculpture has taken may years to complete an hour to put together finally I found the perfect response in my continuing dialogue with Marcel Duchamp

Daves Ghost ride through the streets of L.A. “Daves Ghost ride through the streets of L.A.”

The sculpture takes place as a benzene cloud approaches a neither world in the streets of Los Angeles California
the sculpture is in fact the mole there on Dave's forehead

Rape whistle “Rape whistle”

Featured Here is a ready-made it was my first attempt at realizing a ready made that would work for me

Transmission “Transmission”

One from a series of perfume and cologne bottles in metophor

in original trouble “in original trouble”

form and function come together original of it trouble at it.

four horsemen of the apocalypse pill “four horsemen of the apocalypse pill”

journey with the four horsemen by taking these pills at your own risk

the unusually long brain mask “the unusually long brain mask”

tribal and African influences inform to the aesthetics of contemporary art today

post african american droid mask “post african american droid mask”

Droid mask in relation to science fiction tribal ritual and the human condition headed to that of things such as indentured servitude futurism artificial intelligence and beyond

back from the dead “back from the dead”

assemblage minimalism base materials are at issue with this as part of the dialogue artists may have with art and art history and all the other influences that may inform the day and the here and now.

the crippled beggar “the crippled beggar”

Nature comes into play in-context with man evermore encroaching upon the natural world, here a snake [has no legs] begs for mice rats or money

dead hand “dead hand”

natures completing the cycle as it were of life death and rebirth no matter the source and its potential to comprehend the universe

wild country “wild country”

wild country time and space as nature and where the future always has come further toward and where it has come from there of its past and rock.

natural element with dagger “natural element with dagger”

Nature its machines toward conscious awareness natural comic and tragic like Hamlet with the dagger

Todays results “Todays results”

and another days result